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New to Modding Objects: Get Drunk?
Not sure if this is the right forum to post this thread in, but I am completely new to modding objects in this manner and would like a few questions answered.

I've got a copy of a glass of water and would like to know how to add a pie menu function to it, which will cause a series of animations to play, functions to be made and then also increase and decrease certain motives.
Here is what I want it to do:
  1. Pie Menu Function: Drink Alcohol
  2. Over a timeframe of 3 hours after function, bladder quickly decreases, social quickly increases, comfort slowly decreases and hunger quickly increases
  3. Play random animations during a timeframe of 3 hours of
    • Fright Animation
    • Hysterical Laughter Animation
    • Dance Animation
    • Mime Animation
  4. Random Functions of Flirt, Dance Together, Fight

If anyone could help me with this please PM me, or reply here, anything would help!
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6th Mar 2011 at 11:23 AM
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Hi petra,

All of those things are definitely achievable, but having delayed reactions like that can be a bit involved. The first thing you should probably do is work through this tutorial:
It will teach you how to add pie menu options and play animations. Then you want to have a look at this one:
to get a sense of how to adjust motives properly.

Once you've worked through those, let us know by updating this thread and we'll get into the specifics of your mod and how you can go about creating it.
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of course, its always most rewarding to make your own mod and see it i game - its a great feeling. If you are a bit daunted by the tutorials and the task before you, then you might want to take a look at cmomoney's Tiki Bar. It generates Margarita's which will make your sims drunk.

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