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Default Turning a food deco clutter object into stockable "fresh food" for the fridge

As the title suggests, I was wondering how difficult it would be to turn a deco food clutter object into something that's buyable from either the buy mode or from community lot stores and stock the fridge with it as fresh food, contributing to the sparkling food.

I'd love to turn some beautiful food deco clutters into a functional one like this.

I have certain experience with SimPe, but no experience with making objects functional. Can anyone help?

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I'm assuming you'd have to find a tutorial for making food items, and then extract the texture and mesh from the deco food to use for the new object.

I don't know the exact "how", though. And I haven't looked up any tutorials, but it's possible there's some in the tutorial section here on MTS (modding section?)

I think there's various differences between stockable/buyable food (like fruit/fish) and cookable food (anything sims can cook as a meal or take directly from the fridge).
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I made a tutorial

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Originally Posted by leefish

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much! Super helpful and I can't wait to try it out!
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