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Default Please do not support the tyranny with masks
I am writing this as I was greatly saddened to see Little Dicas addition on the downloads today and feel I must say some things. This is no way against Dica as OMG, his work is so talented and valuable. But many are being wrongly misled.
I also realize that this is the Sims and while it may seem harmless compared to much we can find out there, this only adds to the twisted normalcy those that wish us harm are trying to make us feel.

There is no deadly pandemic and the lies we've been told have been heavily refuted by doctors, nurses, and many others considered people with knowledge.
We are facing a horribly tyrannical agenda upon the people that has been in the works for a long time.
The masks do no good and I can provide MANY examples of how they do not help as well as many example of how they can cause physical harm.
But more importantly, masks are being used as symbols of control and suppression over the masses of people. They are also used as tools as when you see others wearing them, you are reminded to stay fearful of a virus that IF it even exists, has over a 99% survival rate. Seeing the masks keeps people in fear from what their televisions have told them.

And foremost, putting these muzzles on children is child abuse in many people's opinions including my own. Not only for the physical harm, but more importantly and by leaps and bounds, the psychological effect this has on children. They will grow up seeing this kind of control as normal and ok. And it is not normal by any stretch of the imagination or rationalization.
Our liberties are being thrown away by many and though there are many fighting against this, they are liberally censored and discounted.

I had to write this as the sadness I felt upon seeing that download was excruciating. If people only realized what is in store, and that NONE Of what we've seen has anything to do with a virus, they would feel the same way. It's been like being in a horror movie for the last 11 months and it's only going to get worse.

Please, do not let the children think this is normal or fun.
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You have to relax. Nothing good comes out of constantly questioning what the government does. Some countries in the world has a much higher degree of trust in the government. Accepting things they tell you, is going to make it much easier to get past this situation. It's going to pass. We will have vaccines shortly, and the it will be easier.

The world does not all consist of stupid idiots. Most governments in the world realise this virus as a big problem. Why not just accept the situation and move on.

I'm from Norway and we have like 5 or 6 mill inhabitants and close to 300 deaths with this sickness. Our nabours the Swedes has about 10 mill people and close to 6500 death. I can assure you this virus is very deadly for people with a week health already.

It's not all about you. More people live on this planet. Why don't you care about your friends and family, if you don't care about yourself? We all have relatives we care about. People who might not survive or end up with more suffering if they catch it. You should think about them.
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Thank you for replying. I'm plenty relaxed. And if I didn't care about the world and the people in it, I wouldn't be writing this. I care so incredibly much for the future generations that will be/are already being affected by those doing this to us. And the thought of children coming here to download something for their sims and seeing yet another reinforcement of the lies they are being fed is a horrible feeling. I cannot stand to watch the children suffer in this way.

Many of us who are aware of what's really going on have come to realize that we get to exist in a special kind of hell as we watch the agenda unfold around us and people will think that all of it - the lockdowns, the curfews, the arrests, the censorship, the immunity passport, the economic destruction, the suicides, the depression, the loss, the loneliness of the elderly as they are unable to be with their loved ones and eventually the starvation that will come from the destruction of the food supply chain, which has been an ongoing effort will be because of this supposed virus. People will believe the lies until their final days. They will allow a system so devoid of liberty to sweep in and destroy everything fought for by our forefathers and families. And it might be 1000s of years before the suffering of these generations get another chance at liberty.
Those of us who are paying attention away from television sets and mainstream media have already come to the realization that the majority of people are believing everything they're told; accepting things they tell you. It's not going to pass. This entire operation has only barely begun.
As I mentioned. there is no deadly pandemic and many are aware of that including many doctors and researchers. Many of their voices can be found if you look, but are hidden away from the news or discredited in one way or another. You won't see them on your television. You mention vaccines making it better. Why would you need a vaccine for something that has a 99% survival rate and you have to take a test to even know if you have it? There's much danger surrounding the vaccines, but that's not for this post.

Beautiful Norway has remained relatively untouched by the tyranny which was helped by the 7 day protest your people held to prevent mask mandates. That's a wonderful thing your citizens did. Norway and Sweden have resisted the actions of the government and are better off for it. Most governments do not simply accept it, they are paid to enforce the beliefs. The country of Belarus was offered $940 million to enforce severe lockdowns upon the people and the president refused the bribe, after which, there has been much action to replace him. I can speculate on Norway but it would be wrong for me to as your country is very different from the U.S.

We are being lied to. Maybe the lie isn't affecting your life in the same way it is in many places, but it doesn't mean it won't change for you down the road. I'll ask the same thing of you. Please, care about the people around you. Care about the children and the future they will be facing if this tyranny continues to go unchecked.
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Well it sounds like you know everything.

My Soundcloud, where I upload some things I make.
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7 day protest? What's that? I'm very busy these days, but I didn't know we had one. You in the US has a culture of not believing what the authorities tells you. That is the problem you should focus on, and not talking about tge jerk in Belarus. I can assure you as a European, many wants to get rid of the Belarus' tyrant, and it has nothing to do with Korona.

You should relax, as I said the world does not consist of only idiots.
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