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Default Changing Name of Lot
I am using the Bridgeport big park redone in a world I am making. When I change the name in the description in EIG it gets rid of the Bridgeport, but when I go back it is there again. I cannot change the name on the lot in CAW either. How is this done? Is it somehow hardcoded by EA when they made the lot? Can it be done in s3pe? I need to get Bridgeport off that lot name.

Help! As usual I am working on multiple worlds at once. Having way too much fun other than some things like a save crash, and nonstop edit town loading after worked on 2 lots.
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Hm.... well, you can't change the lot name in CAW, only the address. But in EIG it should be possible. Maybe have a look in game at that lot? It might have a seasonal marker and get the lot name from there. Or is it for some reason locked for editing?
Lot names are not hard coded so there should be a solution for this in game/CAW. I wouldn't know how to change the lot name in s3pe.
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I will look again when in EIG. There has got to be a way to change that. Thank you for the reply.

edit: I think I managed to fix it. "Bridgeport" did now show up anywhere when I was in the lot in buydebg, but when I changed the common name which was blank and added something it seems to be sticking now. But I still have no idea where the Bridgeport wording was attached to that lot.
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