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Default Does anyone know exactly how predestined hobbies are calculated?
I'm aware of this page on The Sims Wiki that shows you that certain personality traits and interests determine what predestined hobby is ultimately chosen for a Sim, but it's not clear as to what level of points constitutes whatever personality trait it names (sloppy, outgoing, etc.), or how high interest needs to be to qualify for a certain hobby.

Midge the Tree says in this post that the formula is hidden in a Lua Script called "InitHobbyValues," but they're unsure as to what it actually is. I ask because I want to recalculate a Sim's hobby based on new interests I gave them, and want to make sure I'm doing it accurately.

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: I found the "InitHobbyValues" Lua in the Free Time\TSData\Res\ObjectScripts package, but I'm not able to make any sense of what's in there, unfortunately.
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