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Default replacement underwear elderly
hello simmers! , I am looking for a certain replacement, it is rare that I look for something like that, since I do not have this in my game, but with a challenge, some sims have become old, and I must admit that I never played with old people, and their underwear is horrible ! , especially theirs (womans) , as there are very few funds of simoleons, and they do not allow those sims to go shopping, I would like to change the pre-determined maxi clothes of the old women, the old men do not see them so bad, but they really look wrong, I was looking for MTS but I don't see any replacement for underwear, will you help me? Thank you
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Originally Posted by kestrellyn

I'm going to try that page, the one at "" I tried it but I took off my underwear from my adult sims, and I recently raved about Billie Ellis Sim , and I love it her underwear and with that replacement she would take it off, to see if these only take away the old ladies; P Thanks
Thanks! this replacement if it works well for me, only the old sims change their clothes, thank you very much!
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