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Default Old Yahoo group content of (Jope & Suza)
In the archived, they stated their oldest stuff is stored in their Yahoo-goup, but Wayback didn't work for their Yahoo group.
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Isn't simplystyling the same as Homesims/Suza?

Not sure if this link still works - it should go directly to the mirrored download page. It did work for most of Suza's stuff back in 2018. Most of the download links still worked the last time I tried.

Absolutely no idea about their Yahoo group, though. I don't know if the Yahoo groups were always accessible without logins, so if it's older than that site, it's doubtful.

You don't happen to have any examples of what was in that bunch of downloads? Maybe people with older downloads have some items they can share. I've still got tons of stuff from pre-2009 lurking about, though it's sometimes a bit poorly sorted...
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@simmer22: I've never visited the old Yahoo group, but I assume they contain pre-2007 downloads over there. The regular site by Jope and Suza also worked for me, but I'm curious what old stuff they had in their Yahoo group.
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I have no clue. I looked in my old downloads folder (which is a mix from roughly 2007 and up), and seems I only have downloads from their regular site. If they had a Yahoo group I don't know if I visited it.
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@Softlism I answered an ask about Simply-Styling over at packrat some weeks ago (3 months apparently?? time sure flies!) but short said, Liquid-Sims has archived simply-styling here. However, as I mentioned in my answer, I'm not sure if the yahoo content is saved there. Let me know if you want me to toss an email to Ginnie
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@vegan-kaktus: the "Yahoo 2" group isn't archived properly by Liquid-Sims . I got redirected to the homepage of Yahoo instead.
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