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Default WCIF Inteen alternative
I’ve lost my TS2 cc and once I got over the despair, I thought I could start over with fresh mods. A lot of mods / cc I had was pretty dang ancient. So I’ll probably be posting here a lot looking for alternatives or recommends.

I’ve been out of the modding scene for a while and was wondering what is a good alternative to Inteen these days? Something that preferably doesn’t have a lot of conflicts.

I’ve seen stuff like Wild Child, RCC (?), SL2 (?), and ACR but I don’t really know what to go with or what my options are. Right now all that’s in my cc folder is corruption prevention stuff.

If any of those mods support same sex pregnancies and/or risky woohoo that’s be a bonus but additional mod suggestions welcomed. I think some of the risky stuff is separate? Dunno, too many options, past midnight, gonna sleep.

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There are some simmers that switched from using Inteen, but depending on what features of Inteen you want to keep, and whether you want to use ACR or not, the replacement process can get rather complicated. It's definitely not a pop this one, or even two, mods in and you're good scenario.

I recommend starting with some guides, like this one by BrokenDoll and this one by Midgethetree. There are a few threads on MTS, too, but I think those guides are a bit more comprehensive.

I will say that I think people seriously underestimate what Inteen does. I started this process to replace Inteen for a new download folder and hood a few weeks back, and I got so overwhelmed about 3/4 of the way through. I had to just stop and I went back to my regular game with Inteen. I don't mean to discourage you but because there are so many different mods to replicate what Inteen does--as well as new mods you can now try because you don't have Inteen--it can be a process to make sure you are reading all the mod faqs and arranging your load order correctly. And then you still have to test. I just want to prepare you for that, you know?

Otherwise, you'll probably want to start with Midgethetree. She's got a lot of extracted Inteen mods and her Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite and Reproductive Capabilities Configurer will probably be at the core of what you do. That's what BrokenDoll's guide recommends and that setup uses ACR and maybe even Midge's version of Romantic Standards.

If you want to know a bit more about the other mods, like Wild Child and S2L teen woohoo, then try reading this thread at MTS. I think there are some tumblr posts around too, so Google search and you should find some discussions. Ultimately, I know I wanted to try the setup BrokenDoll recommends because I do use and like ACR, plus a few of the other teen woohoo mods just aren't updated. But read up and decide what's right for your folder. I recommend taking the time to go over what Inteen does, and then figuring out what features you want to keep, then you know what to search for. If you just want woohoo, ACR's got you covered, really. If you want that and teen pregnancy, then the two Midge mods I linked above should do that. If you want some of the other InTeen features, well, like I said, that's a bit more involved and will require you to download more stuff.

I do have a list of Inteen features, so I'll post that here, in case you need. I think all of these features have been done in another mod in some way; I just don't have links because it didn't occur to me to put that together until my own Replacing Inteen meltdown, . Idk, maybe I'll go back to that this summer and write up the guide I wish I had when I started. Or if anyone wants to help, that'd be cool, too.

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The one I have used the most (well over 10 years now) is S2L teen woohoo mod.
Works great with ACR and teens stay teens in both body and age.

Please read all the install instructions first.
If need any help getting it installed please send me a PM and I will get back to you.

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Thank you for the responses!

Honestly what I'm really after is just a combination of Same-Sex Pregnancy/Preg for All and Risky/Surprise Pregnancy without having to Try for Baby. The Teen part of it is completely optional/anything else is a bonus (and might make the whole headache a lot easier to narrow down. I had the same problem, I went down a rabbit hole of mods and fixes and patches and my brain absolutely exploded)

Edit: It was too troublesome to try to find pregnant morphs for both males and females T and YA so I gave up on that completely and just used the Adult RCC from MidgeTheTree. Maybe when I'm braver I'll give it another go but for now I have same-sex and risky woohoo and that's mostly what I wanted.

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