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Default Flavors of Life - Sims 4 Legacy
Flavors of Life Legacy Challenge (Sims 4)

by friendlyArtist

Inspired by the Not-So-Berry challenge and made with the PS4 bundle with Get to Work, Dine Out, and Movie Hangout in mind.

Generation 1: Chocolate

Like chocolate, you are simple and sweet, with a penchant for the gourmet. Since you were little, you dreamed of young love and owning a bakery together! However, being a baker is just the frosting on top. You aim to sell only the best desserts and breads!

Traits: Good, Ambitious, Foodie

Aspiration: Master Chef


Max Baking and Gourmet Cooking skills.

Own a bakery and a cupcake machine.

Marry before you age up into an Adult.

Generation 2: Apple

Being self-assured, you have goals and the gusto. You want to share your parents' recipes with the world. They need to be shared with everyone! On top of all this, you want a soulmate of your own and to be fit while enjoying your cake too.

Traits: Self-Assured, Glutton, Active

Aspiration: Soulmate

Make Charisma and Fitness skills.

Date twice before finding the “One”

Five-star restaurant

Generation 3: Lime

Owning a business seems to run in your very quirky blood. While you may be missing your cooking prowess, the creative juices are still kicking! You make and sell art, expressing yourself along the way.

Traits: Creative, Goofball, Cheerful

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Max Painting and Handiness

Inherit the Bakery/Restaurant and convert it into an Art Store.

Display one of every type of painting and statue in your home.

Generation 4: Elderberry

Staying inside cooking and crafting was never your thing. You grew up watching crime shows and would play cops-and-robbers all day. Unfortunately, this one-way track may lead to disaster if you are not careful. Pick up a hobby to find yourself once more.

Traits: Outgoing, Clumsy, Loves Outdoors

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Reach top of career, but retire as an Elder to pursue hobby.

Max Logic and Fishing skills.

Marry a co-worker but have a falling out.

Generation 5: Strawberry Vanilla

Your family's lineage seems to get odder and odder, and you are the sim to record it all. From Fantasy to Non-fiction, you love them all, and your perfect collection brings only the greatest pleasure in life. You also find an odd charm in odd decor.

Traits: Bookworm, Perfectionist, Art Lover

Aspiration: Best-Selling Author

Max Writing skill.

Start out as an Author writing under a boss and leave after you reach the branching paths to become a Freelance Writer.

Generation 6: Triple Berry

Jack-of-All Trades? Check. Master of None? How about Master of One? Your life is all about doing things in threes. A true bro knows that three's a company and third time's the charm.

Traits: Lazy, Bro, Family-Oriented

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim, Master Mixologist

Reach top of Mixologist Branch

Marry a Neat sim and have either Triplets or Three kids.

Max Mixologist.

Generation 7: Lemon

Three siblings are a handful for any parent, but you always felt that you deserved more attention. Also if your parent can be indecisive, why can't you enjoy a little more to life? Especially if it involves Love and Music.

Traits: Snob, Music Lover, Non-Committal

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Reach top of the Pro Athlete branch.

Each kid has a different parent.

Max Piano and Violin skills

Generation 8: Ocean Water

Tension has always been thick between you and your parent. As soon as you can, you move into your Aunt/Uncle's place and pursue your dream of E-sports fame. Since they had no kids, they spoil you, but you never let it get to your head.

Traits: Gloomy, Genius, Childish

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Reach top of the E-Sport Branch

Be Best Friends with Aunt/Uncle

Create the ultimate gamer cave.

Generation 9: Licorice

Your parent was a huge nerd and it passed down to you as well. You dream of being an awesome Secret Agent with lots of collectibles and experiences. However, one experience turned into parenthood.

Traits: Good, Vegetarian, Loner

Aspiration: The Curator

Max Charisma and Logic

Complete two collections

Have a one-night stand with an enemy that ends in a pregnancy.

Generation 10: Mango

Being an only child, you were your parent's world. They accidentally spoiled you too much, causing a bit of Jealousy, but nothing you can't overcome. Especially when you want to pay back that love with everything. Between you and your garden, your parent will retire well at peace.

Traits: Jealous, Neat, Romantic

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Have a large greenhouse with every flower.

Splice a plant and grow a Cowplant.

Give your parent their best retirement.
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