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Default The Homeless Legacy Challenge
I always played without doing any challenges, on a long lifespan and eventually I got bored. Recently I got into challenges and find it incredibly fulfilling. What I usually do is take a challenges that already exists and add some new rules to make it more fun.
Recently I've started the Homeless Challenge posted by Aislynne. I thought that stopping the challenge once I reach 5000 simoleons is not enough, so I thought of a new challenge for myself: Homeless Legacy Challenge, which includes a little bit of both challenges.
It's the first time I'm posting, so please let me know there're any holes in the rules.
I also might not be aware of anyone else having posted something similar.

The world is tough, and once you go down, you go down for good. The harsh reality caught up to you (it's a heart-breaking story, whether your house got burned down, or you ran away from home as a teen, or your identity got stolen, for you to decide the backstory of your Sim).
You find yourself alone on the streets (or more of an empty lot) with barely any clothes. But you still have big dreams of getting out of this mess and starting a dynasty.

Raise 10 generations of Sims out of nothing (literally). Have a big happy family in a big nice house.
This is not a points based challenge, but feel free to use regular Legacy points system if you wish.

- Create a single founder Young Adult Sim with any aspirations and traits. Your aspiration cannot be related to Family. Choose it wisely as you won't be able to change and you'll have to complete it to start a family.
- Give your Sim one set of bad looking clothes for Casual, Formal and Party (the same exact clothes for all types) and one underwear clothes for Sleepwear and Swimwear (again, the same exact thing for both types). Give your Sim messy looking hair as well.
- Move your Sim in to an empty lot, any size. Thinking about your future 10 generations you might want a bigger lot since you won't be allowed to move.
- Set your money to 0 with cheats. Press Ctrl+Shift+C, type "testingcheats on" without quotes, type "money 0" without quotes, type "testingcheats off"

- You may not have a regular job until the requirements are met.
- You may not build anything until the requirements are met.
- You may not buy anything that you cannot carry in your Sim inventory (not family inventory) until you start building. - Very important: anything that usually does not go outdoors can only be placed inside a room. For example, if you met the requirements for building, but do not want to build right away and just want to buy a bed and place it in the middle of your empty lot, you can't! Beds, toilets, showers, fridges, stoves, dining sets, TVs, bookshelves have to all go inside a room. Items that are ok to be outside can be outside, like chess tables, easels, outdoor retreat mini-fridges, outdoor chairs, etc. Believe me, your biggest friend at the beginning will be a tent.
- You may not marry or move someone in until the requirements are met.
- You may not have children until the requirements are met.
- For any new outfit you want your Founder to have, you have to buy it (you can change it later, but you have to actually buy a set of clothes by visiting a Retail lot).

--Getting a job--
You finally look good and skillful enough to start working.
- Buy a new set of clothes in a Retail store (for example, Magnolia Promenade). It costs 218 simoleons.
- Get a new haircut for 150 simoleons - you'll need a cheat to substract the amount from your household funds. Change your Sims hair to something more decent.
- Get 3 Skill Points of the relevant skill for the job (e.g. Logic for a Doctor career, Music instrument or Comedy for an Enterntainer career, etc.)
- Have a simple house, a roof over your head. Minimum to have: a bed, a toilet, a shower, a fridge, a chair.
- Pay your bills if not done already.

--Start building--
You've applied for a building permit and can now build your house.
- Pay 500 simoleons of fees to get the permit - you'll need a cheat to substract the amount from your household funds.

--Get married--
You're a decent person and someone laid an eye on you.
- Complete an aspiration.
- Get to level 4 of your chosen career.
- Max any skill (10 skill points).
- Have a decent house: a separate bathroom (with 4 walls, a door, a window), a separate bedroom (with 4 walls, a door, a window) with a double bed, full set kitchen (fridge, stove, a counter, a dining table with 2 chairs).

--Have children--
You are now ready to raise children without a fear of them being taken away.
- Have a separate kids room (with 4 walls, a door, a window) with a baby bed (the one you need to have a baby at home), 2 toys.

- You can only marry someone from a family, meaning, when they move in with you, you won't get any money as it stays with the family they lived in.
- You may choose a new aspiration for your spouse once when they move in. You cannot change it before they complete it.

- You cannot have children out of wedlock, even adopted children.
- You cannot choose any traits for your children. You have to roll a die or randomize in any other way each trait.
- You may choose aspirations of anyone in the household, but you cannot change them later on.
- You can choose an heir to your family however you want. If you wish you can use regular Legacy challenge rules.
- Your heir has to complete an aspiration OR get to level 5 of any career before they can get married - that's the way your Founder raised this family.

- You may never move to another lot.
- Any Sim in your household can use a reverse-aging items once per lifetime.
- You have to have enough necessary living items for any new Sims joining your household starting from the 2nd generation (as a spouse or adopted/born baby) BEFORE they arrive:
- Beds: Each single Sim has to have a single bed in a separate room, each couple has to have a double bed in a separate room
- Bathrooms: There should be a bathroom for each 3 Sims in the household (for 1-3 Sims you need 1 bathroom, for 4-6 Sims you need 2 bathrooms minimum, for 7-8 Sims you need 3 bathrooms minimum).
- Dining seats: You need to have enough seats at the dining table for all Sims from age Child to Elder and enough high chairs for all Toddlers.
- Other seats: You need to have any other types of seats 1 per person in your household from Child to Elder. These can be chairs, sofas, armchairs, bar stools.
- Skill building items: You have to have at least 1 per Sim of any age. Any items that builds any skills counts apart from the Stove and TV.
- Siblings may have one room for all as long as they are the same age (Toddlers live with Toddlers, Children live with Children, etc.) and not married.

I've started it myself and might add some updates on how it goes for my homeless founder.
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how do i download it im new
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Hi @ivy123 What do you want to download? This challenge is just an idea for how you can play your Sims 4 game.

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