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Default The Start of Darkness Challenge

This challenge Is about building your own bloodline, as the progenitor of vampirism in your game. Vlad who? You’re the elder vampire now!

Start a fresh save, delete all premade vampires, bulldoze Vlad’s mansion.
Download some of Zero’s Vampire mods for extra beef (=Occult%20Mods )
Create your founder (YA Vampire, any traits you like)
Then, pick a starting scenario that will shape how your flavor of vampirism plays:

I. The Undead
Your founder awakens, clawing their way out of their crypt, turned into a creature of the night by some nefarious curse. Their body is dead, but their mind is alive, fueling itself on the blood of the living.

Weaknesses: Withered Stomach, Thin Skinned, Undead Aura

Spread: Turning only. Your founder is infertile and cannot have any children of their own.
They may adopt human children who must be turned as soon as they become teens. When they do, roll a d20 (or use an online dice roller).
1-10: The Undead Curse consumes the child’s soul and fails the transformation. The child dies.
11-15: The Undead Curse consumes the child’s soul and fails the transformation. The child remains a husk of their former self and turns into a thrall. (Keep the child around as a servant, cheat reward traits to freeze Social and Fun. They will die of old age when their time comes.)
16-20: The transformation succeeds.

II. The Disease
Your founder fell prey to a deadly malady and returns with a hunger for blood a few days after their burial. Their body is technically alive, though contagious through their own blood, and drastically altered.
(Hard mode: Give them a few family members and try to keep your new condition secret from them!)

Weaknesses: Insatiable, Uncontrollable Hissing, Eternal Sadness

Spread: Your Founder is still able to have their own children. If a child is born human, roll a d20. Below a 10, the child is stillborn.
Once your human children teach teenhood, you must turn them. This will always succeed.
Every time you use the Deep Drnk interaction on a Sim, roll a d20. Under a 5, your affliction spreads to them without your knowledge, creating offpsring outside of your control. A potential rival, mayhaps?

III. The Dark God
Your founder is the last cultist of a dark deity. Hundreds of years ago, they performed a ritual to embody the night itself, and entombed themself in a crypt. Now, the time for their awakening has come.
Cheat yourself enough money to build a small crypt with an altar to the deity, and a basement with your coffin. In addition to their usual vampiric routines, your Founder must pray at this altar once a day (Dark Meditation, or use a Meditation stool from Spay Day)

Weaknesses: Sleep of the Undead, Fitful Sleep, Dayphobia

Spread: Through regular bites.
Your founder may also attempt to have/adopt children, however human children must complete their childhood aspiration and achieve at least the happy toddler trait (not applicable if you adopt an older child) in order to be considered worthy of the dark gift. Unworthy children either spend their teenhood as servants and move out once they hit YA, or get killed off if you’re feeling evil.

Now, general gameplay rules:
- Your Founder may not have a job.

- Once your become good friends with a human sim, you may move them in and keep them as a servant/dinner, or turn them.These sims must cut ties with their mortal families, or turn them over to your Founder as well.

- Your founder must reach Grandmaster Rank before any of their offspring do.

- Once an offspring reaches Master Rank, they will move out into another of their four lots in Forgotten Hollow and begin their own branch of the bloodline. I recommend rotational play from that point on.

- If the previous rule has already come into effect, create an “Elder Council” using the Club system and hold weekly meetings with your four strongest and oldest offspring once a week on a day of your choice.

- Maintain at least Good Friends status with your four branch leaders, and regular Friend status with any other offspring.

- Create a vampy holiday at a time of your choice, and invite the whole clan around to celebrate!

Feel free to post your screens in this thread, or on tumblr with the #startofdarknesschallenge tag (i'm wlwsims4, come say hi if you wanna!)

Happy Bloodsucking!
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