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Default The Magic Dynasty Challenge
Please note before proceeding that you must have, at minimum, the Sims 4: Realm of Magic to do this challenge!


Hello and welcome to the Magic Dynasty challenge! Just a quick disclaimer, I have not personally seen any similar challenges made for the Sims 4, so I apologize if someone else has already done this before me! The only inspiration I have gotten directly is from the original Sims 3 / 4 Legacy challenge. Additionally, this is a first draft of sorts, and anything currently established may later be subject to change. Constructive criticism is welcome! Is there anything you feel I should add or remove? Feel free to tell me what you think (in a constructive and polite manner)!



Centuries ago existed a family of the most powerful and well-renowned spellcasters in the world, widely respected and unrivaled in magic skill. Suitors, challengers, and entrepreneurs alike flocked to their doors, seeking even a morsel of the prestige and fortune their name could bring. However, many also grew envious towards the power they held. One day, a passionate few banded together to secretly rally people against them and orchestrate their assassination. After years of intricate planning, they broke into their mansion in the dead of night, armed to the teeth and given the advantage of numbers and surprise.

In the end, only one managed to escape alive.

And generations later, their once-beloved family name is forgotten... but not lost for good.

One quiet night, a child creeps up into the attic, flashlight in hand. The air is musty with the smell of dust and old wood. Despite the danger of walking into a long-untouched attic in the dead of night, they are drawn forth anyways-- towards a long mirror propped up in the center of the room. They walk over to stand in front of it, only to be surprised when it reflects not their own image, but someone else's. For some reason, they seem... familiar.

"Hello. If you are able to see and hear this message, you are the last hope of restoring our family's name and honor."


(also functions as a TLDR for the backstory)

Your Sim is the descendant of a once-powerful line of spellcasters, tasked with one goal: rebuilding their family's forgotten legacy from scratch. They - and their heirs - must master the art of magic, find a significant other with magical prowess of their own, and accrue loyal followers to establish the most prosperous and powerful spellcaster family possible.

In the shortest and most technical terms: see how many generations you can go without breaking any of the rules!



- Any need-fulfilling, relationship-altering, or money-giving cheats are forbidden. Potions or spells that give these advantages, however, are fine-- in fact, feel free to let them make your life easier.

- Much like the original and many other legacy challenges, your founder must start alone on an empty lot with 1800 in funds. The lot size is completely up to you, but the funds must always be cheated down to 1800. The household is not allowed to move off of this lot for the duration of the challenge.

- Your founder / current heir may not get a career, as the bulk of their time must be dedicated to studying magic. They must make money off of self-employed means, such as gardening, painting, collecting, etc. Odd jobs are allowed.

- A potential spouse does not have to have already been a spellcaster before meeting your current heir-- however, they must at least be a Neophyte before they can marry into the family. To achieve this more easily, they may be moved into the household before marriage so that you can directly control their progress.

- You are not allowed to romance any of the three Sages.

- The maximum amount of funds a spouse is allowed to bring to the family upon moving in is 8000. If there is no other option but to let them bring in more, you must immediately cheat down the household funds to the appropriate amount.

- Both your current heir and their spouse must be at least Adept in spellcasting before they can start producing heirs.

- Only biological children of your current heir are eligible to be the next heir-- I'm not going to stop you from adopting children, but they cannot be the next family figurehead. Additionally, only those who are naturally born as a spellcaster are eligible. If they need to have powers given to them by their parents or the Sages, they are not eligible.

- Your current heir must be a Virtuoso in spellcasting before their death. For this reason, I'd recommend putting the game on long life span. For those who don't like long life span, you are allowed to age your Sims up at any point in time, given all requirements are fulfilled.

- Your current heir must have at least five non-family spellcasters as at least good friends-- these are the family's devout followers, and they are crucial for establishing a good position in spellcaster society.


That is all you need to know for the challenge! Have fun, and feel free to post about your own progress in this thread! I'd love to see what kind of stories you all can come up with!
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