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Default Floral Fancy - Sims 4 Legacy Challenge
Floral Fancy Legacy

A Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

A Floral themed challenged inspired by the Not-So-Berry challenge and themed around the PS4 bundle with Seasons, Jungle Adventure, and Spooky Stuff.

Generation 1: Daisy - Innocence -

Traits: Cheerful, Geek, Childish

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Max Video Gaming and Gardening

Grow a Daisy Garden

Roll a die. Have 1-6 children.

Generation 2: Bluebell - Gratitude -

Traits: Outgoing, Cheerful, Loves Outdoors

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Max Charisma and Gardening

Add Bluebells to the family garden.

Have 3 High Friendships and one BFF

Generation 3: Rose - Love -

Traits: Romantic, Creative, Jealous

Aspiration: Soulmate

Max Painting and Gardening

Marry your high school sweetheart.

Add Roses to the family garden.

Generation 4: Tulip - Perfect -

Traits: Perfectionist, Neat, Ambitious

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Max Painting, Writing, Handiness, Logic, Cooking, and Gardening.

Add Tulips to the family garden

Have a shed or garage devoted to your hobbies.

Generation 5: Chrysanthemum - Longevity -

Traits: Active, Goofball, Slob

Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Max Fitness and Gardening

Add Chrysanthemums to the family garden

Go on daily jogs.

Generation 6: Dahlia - Betrayal -

Traits: Kleptomaniac, Bro, Self-Assured

Aspiration: Public Enemy

Max Mischief and Gardening

Add Dahlias to the family garden

Fill a room at least with stolen goods.

Generation 7: Lily - Beauty -

Traits: Non-Committal, Art Lover, Foodie

Aspiration: Jungle Explorer

Max Archaeology and Gardening

Add Lilies to the family garden

Have a showroom or hobby room filled with treasure

Generation 8: Orchid - Fertility -

Traits: Family-Oriented, Good, Genius

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Max Logic and Gardening

Have 4-7 children

Add orchids to the family garden.
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