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Default Share your New Careers!
Posted a new career somewhere? Post here and link to it! Of course, make sure there aren't any viruses. It is preferred if it's posted on MTS, your personal site, or a fairly well-known site.
Figured I could share my "career" here. It's more like a game enhancement rather than a career. It's called 'Everyday Housewives.' Tons of details and specs here:
BEFORE REPORTING ANY PROBLEMS OR GIVING SUGGESTIONS, (which you must post by using the commenting feature on the site I linked you to; no registration needed to download, but a registration is required for commenting) please read through the ENTIRE body text first. The answer to your question/issue may already be covered in it.

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I have quite a lot careers at the moment although it are mostly requests.
They are all found here:
Some of them only have a rarfile, but I'm planning to try something to make a zipfile available as well. Although it probably won't be on MTS.

Overview all my creations (MTS and beyond): Download at once (SimFileShare)
FAQ and policy: Policy S2I
The School Project (finished): The School Project (Completed)
Over 500 new food items to come in Fast & Healthy Cooking Project: F&HCP
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