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Default Shared Neighbourhood Guidelines And Questions
Want to set up your own multiplayer game? Here's how:

1. Post in the planning thread about what you want to do and coordinate with interested parties via PM.
IMPORTANT: To match the requirements set for a shared 'hood, you will need Numenor's AnyGameStarter, available here. Read the instructions carefully.
2. Sort out how the 'hood is going to be shared, what CC (if any) may be used and what expansion packs will be used. I have created a Mediafire account expressly for this purpose (just ask me for the login details) but you can use your own file storage account if you like.
3. Once your 'hood has been established, start a thread titled with the name of the 'hood and the expansion packs used (if any), e.g. Illusion Bay (OFB SSN FT). Post pictures and details of your Sims' lives after each player's turn each round for others to read and enjoy. I strongly recommend getting a blog of some sort (LiveJournal, Blogspot or something like that), posting the pictures there and then linking to each post.

Protip: Even at the highest compression ratios, neighbourhood folders squeezed into .rar archives take up a LOT of space. I strongly advise keeping the CC to a bare minimum. If you want to use a hacked object for something, make sure you remove it before repacking the archive.

Any other questions? Post them here and I'll do my best to answer.

Happy Simming!
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