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Hi Mootilda!
I'm experiencing some strange things that probably you have an idea why.
Beach Lots or lots with unlevelled terrain. I move sims to beach lots and play them for relative long time. Suddenly One sim seems to lose his ability to move in the unlevelled terrain that is typical for Beach lots. Curious is that All the other sims move freely without problem but only One of them can't. I didn't find any tool that can repair this error. Checked the Hood with your Hood Checker, used Pescado FFS Tool, play a long time with TestCheat ON and nothing seems to be wrong. It seems to be something in the sim self that causes this issue but I cannot find anything wrong with any of the tools available. Do you have an idea of what could cause this?
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This is an inappropriate place to ask for help with your game. Please do the game problem FAQ and post in the Sims 2 Help forum if that FAQ doesn't solve your problems.

Isn't there an in-game cheat which allows you to view the paths?
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I was thinking that it could exist a tool that can check and correct game problems. I'm not looking for help with my game, I'm asking if there is some kind of tool that could check that. You can only get help with game if it is something that happens normally in game play. I don't know if there is game cheat to view game paths. This problem started recently and I just wanted to know if you have heard of it.
Thanks anyway.
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You're the only one that I've heard of with this problem. The first step is to determine why this is happening. For that, the Help forum is your best bet.
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