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#10926 Old Yesterday at 2:45 AM
There was a time when the newest housing fad in simland was shipping containers. there are a few featured here.

Now it appears the fad has become possible in the real world.

I'm surprised it hasn't become more popular-the housing crisis is bad enough that these would be an acceptable replacement for tiny houses or trailers (er, 'manufactured houses).

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#10927 Old Yesterday at 3:04 AM
I find it weird that children can call for various services. Like how is an 8 year old going to hire a repairman and pay for it and everything while the parents are at work? I get this is sims but when irl you grow up repeatedly hearing "must be 18 or older to call" all over tv commercials...
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#10928 Old Yesterday at 10:24 PM
I suppose that children and teens were given some options so that they could live alone in case of being orphaned, although more important ones such as cooking for childs were forgotten ... It's what I always thought.
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