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Default WCIF: MM Hairstyles with strands?
I'm looking for Maxis Match hairstyles (all genders, all ages) that have separate strands of hair on them, giving them a less polished look. One example would be ClumsyAlienn's latest CC. I've seen some creators do it but I'm on the lookout for more, if there are any others. Attached some examples below (all by ClumsyAlienn). Thank you in advance!

Link 1 if the picture doesn't load

Link 2 if the picture doesn't load

Link 3 if the picture doesn't load
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i like that look too. heres some creators that make hairs with strands and a link to an example

evoxyr -
simmandys newer hairs have detailed sculpting and strands-
thekunstwollen i just found her but looks promising
hope these are new to you....
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