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#1 Old 30th Jul 2010 at 2:23 AM
**alert** For Pet Makers!!!
I believe someone is stealing pets and reuploading them. They're not even giving any credit, let alone even HINTING that they didn't make these pets!
I have signed the GB of this person, kindly asking them to remove the pets as soon as possible and I clearly stated my reasons. I do suggest, however, that you guys as well can help by alerting the makers of these pets and/or signing the GB of the person posting these. There are quite a few pets that look like they've been ripped off of the MTS site and redistributed!
Again, the simpage is . You'll need to create a Sims 2 site account using a code from one of your games.
Does this dog look familiar to you? This was the one that tipped me off; I downloaded THIS SAME DOG from HERE on MTS!

#2 Old 30th Jul 2010 at 4:58 AM
Who made the original pets? I want to have a look at them before I send a message to this person.
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#3 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 11:40 PM
One of them is Munchies... I think it's mainly Munchies' pets that are stolen. You can search 'Panda' in the Exchange and you'll see someone ripped off Munchies' pet. And Munchies knows that her stuff is being stolen, but as you can see nothing's really been done.

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