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Default Mesa City (UNI NL OFB SSN BV FT AL)
This is the thread for Mesa City. So far we only have to simmers.

1. Tullulabell
2. julmoo
3. PSDuckie


Mesa City is a small city in the dessert, about 2 hours from 'Las Vegas'

I had the hood first, so here is my portion..


"So." Makayla Borden started as Hannah hit the cue ball with a crack. "Tonight we go downtown, and scope the place out. We find you a rich handsome man.."
"And we find you anyone with genitalia." Hannah finished. Both the sisters chuckled. Hannah glanced at the clock. "It's almost 8, we should get ready." Makayla shifted her weight to the other hip and smiled. "Who do you think you are? Older than me?" Hannah put her pool stick away. "20 minutes. I may be younger, but I'm MUCH more mature." The elder sister made a face at the younger, just to prove the point. Hannah rolled her eyes, and went up the stairs twords their flat.

Makayla trailed behind, and once reaching the second floor, bumped into a man with a box. "Hey! Watch out! Walk much?!" The man was stunned by her beauty, putting the box down."I..I'm sorry. My name's Patrick. I just moved in." As soon as she saw him she almost gasped. It was love at first sight. But Makayla, as a romance sim didn't believe in true love, and suppressed the urge to give in to it."Yea, well..W..Watch it." She continued up the stairs.

Later at the Cool Blue Nightclub Makayla was on fire. Men and women alike were swooning over her as she danced and mingled with them all. Hannah on the other hand held down the fort at the bar. Not having any luck, she sighed and ordered another drink. 'Man..Everyone here is a loser. Why do all the hideous people live in the desert..' At that moment she got a tap on the shoulder. She was already slightly juiced up so the blond man named Alon looked more handsome to her than he probably actually was, and no bolts were flying off him in Hannah's eyes already. "I saw you sitting alone and was wondering if you'd like to dance?" Hannah laughs a little to loudly. "Buzz off dweeb."

On the Dance floor Makayla has been making connections. She's already charmed quite a few clubbers, and the shot down blond she see's coming her way is no exception. "Hey there, why the long face?" She yelled over the music, starting to dance with him. "That red head over there is the 5th girl tonight to shoot me down." Alon pointed to Hannah. Makayla didn't hear a word he said, but saw him point. She got closer and whispered in his ear "Don't worry baby, I'll take care of you."

The night didn't yield anyone for her to sleep next to, but Makayla was still satisfied, and drunk. So drunk in fact she knocked on Patricks door at 2am. He opened it. "Uhm..Yes?" Makayla smiled, pushed her way in, and shut the door behind her.

Nursing their hangovers, the sisters sat at the counter in their apartment, sipping coffee. "You messed up sis." Hannah said, about how she saw Makayla trudging in a 7 am. "No, you did. Remember that blond from the club? He's loaded." Hannah squeezed her eyes shut, rubbing a hand down her face trying to remember. "mm..How rich we talking." She didn't need to know. Makayla only passed the REALLY rich ones Hannahs way.


Time passed, Makayla continues racking up woohoos, Hannah racks up ballet skills and time on the internet. One day as she was practicing ballet, Hanna heard the familiar sounds of woohoo from her sister's room, along with an eerie blue light escaping from under the door. Christian the infallibly good warlock. Hannah cursed his name. She didn't like Witches, good or bad, but also, she was jealous and lonely. At that moment Alec, the sexy Spanish maid came in, to clean up. Hannah tried to turn on the charm, but Alec was all business. Groaning, Hannah knew she only had one option. Alon.

Her hand gripped the torn paper Alon had scribbled his phone number on for Makayla. The other hand held the phone to her ear. "Hi. Alon? Yea, Hi. This is Hannah, we met a while back at Cool Blue. Red Head. I was wondering..You wanna come over?"


Two floors down the handyman is prodding in the vents. A smell of decay had overcome the entire lower level. "It's coming from the second flat." He muttered to the landlord. The landlord felt guilty. He had been complaining to Makayla, thinking it was from her wild parties. He walked up to Patricks flat, to see what was going on. The door was locked at there was no answer. "I'll try again later." He turned to leave, but then noticed multiple newspapers were piled by his door. "Hmm.." Using his master key, the landlord opened the door, almost passing out from the smell. "Oh good lord!" Covering his mouth and nose with his shirt sleeve, the landlord ventured inside. Rotting food was on the counter, it was as if he could SEE the stink rising from it. Suddenly he saw him, on the ground, in a puddle of his own urine. Patrick had died.

The cause of death was unknown. Patrick had no family, but in his living will had been requested to be cremated. Upon hearing the news, Makayla was devastated. She agreed to take his urn, with a plan. Hannah was confused. "Why?" She asked. Biting her lip, Makayla held the urn close to her. "He was my first.." She said softly, and walked away "And I'm going to bring him back."


"I want you to teach me the ways of the light." Makayla said to Christian one night while cuddling in bed. Christian sat up. "What?!" Makayla followed suit. "Don't ask my reasons. I want to be a witch. Christian was flabbergasted. "But.. I don't wa-" "Please!" Makayla gripped his arm, holding back tears. "...Alright."

Hannah was furious. One day she walked in on Makayla studding witchcraft. "It's all you do now Kayla!" She yelled. "You arn't being yourself anymore! Why did you let him turn you into a creature!?" "Hannah please." The elder sister said sharply. "I'm doing this for Patrick." "Wha?" "I'm going to bring Patrick back from the dead." Hannah was silent for a moment. "You really love him...Don't you?" Makayla looked away. "What? N..No! Come on sis! You know my goal! I can't settle down! I ju-" "Does Christian know your motives?" "..No. Don't tell him." Hannah started to leave the room. "Why would I? I hate that guys guts.."


Alon had a dilemma. He was more attracted to Makayla in the short term, but Hannah had wife potential. He wanted them both. He was sitting on a bench in downtown Las Vegas, outside a jewelry store. "I've got to pick one.." He sat for another moment, then the family sim got up, and went inside.


"Oo! I'm so excited!" Hannah shouted to her sister over the running shower water as she put earrings on looking in the bathroom mirror. "Alon's taking me to Italidente tonight!" Makayla shut the water off, opened the curtain and wrapped a towel around herself. "Uhm, actually Alon and I have a date tonight.." Hannah applied some blush. "Hm. He must have forgotten. Besides, don't you have a dead lover to resurrect?" The witch's blood boiled. "You're lucky I can't turn you into a frog or something!" Ding Dong! "Oh that's him! Hannah ran to her room. "I'm not ready, let him in for me sis?" "..In a towel?" But Hannah was already gone. Makayla then had an evil idea. Answering the door Makayla held the towel up, barely covering herself, biting her lip. "Hello Alon. Are you ready for out date?" His eyes got wide. "Oh! Makayla! I'm sorry I forgot..Uhm..Ac..Uh.." He was distracted. His voice got small. "Actually I'm here for Hannah." She pulled him in by the tie. "She isn't ready yet..But I am." She pulled him in for a kiss. Breaking free Alon's head was spinning "Actually, Makayla..There's something I need to tell you. I plan on propo-" She put a finger to his lip. "Shh. Come with me, I have something for you." He couldn't resist her charm. He soon found himself in her bed.

Hannah zipped up her dress, and heard sounds that normally she wouldn't blink at, but tonight surprised her. She ran to her sisters door. It was locked, she pressed her ear against it, hearing Alon's voice. Shocked, she covered her mouth and ran to her room, crying.


Sitting at the restaurant Alon could feel the tension, but he didn't know Hannah had caught him. "So..Hannah.." He reached his hand across the table to grasp hers, but she moved it, and stood up. "Look Alon, I'm not really in a good mood tonight." Alon placed a hand on his pocket, where a little black box was resting. "But." She crossed her arms. "I know about tonight. You and Makayla. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but I've..I had fallen in love with you an-" Alon stood up quickly "I'm in love with you too!" Hannah shook her head sadly, fighting tears. "Goodbye Alon." She walked away, catching a cab home. Alon sits at the bar, and orders himself a drink.

That night the yelling match between the sisters kept the entire apartment complex awake.


It was awkward for Hannah. Makayla kept seeing Alon, which until she could find her own place, meant Hannah still had to see Alon. Almost every time he was over he tried to talk to Hannah, but he was still there to sleep with her sister, so Hannah would hear nothing he had to say.

One evening Christian was over, he and Makayla going at it again. Hannah noticed the way Alon started acting around Makayla, the same way he had been acting around Hannah. Makayla told her sister during the fight that Alon was going to propose that night, and Hannah realized what Alon was about to do now. She felt Alon deserved no happiness, she she invited him over, to show him he wasn't Makaylas only love interest.

"I'm so glad you asked me to come over Hannah! I want us to be friends.." Alon said, as he walked in the door. It had been months since she had last spoken to him. They walked into the kitchen, and Alon heard what sounded like fireworks from Makaylas room. "W..What's that?" His heart dropped. He let himself move on from Hannah, and planned on using the ring he bought to propose to her sister. "Hm?" Hannah said with faux innocence. "That must be Christian, a friend of Kaylas. He comes over about 4 times a week and they always seem to go straight to her bedroom..." By then Alon was gone, he ran into Makaylas room, gasping at the sight of them in the bed. "Al! Alon!" Makayla shot out of bed, then covered herself with a blanket, shocked. "What are you doing here?!"

Hannah didn't feel the victory she thought she would, in fact, she felt guilty. Makayla dumped Alon on the spot, favoring Christian, and now Alon wouldn't get off the Borden's couch, he was weeping. Biting her lip she went over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Alon, I.." He looked up at her, tears in his eyes. This was to much for the family sim to bear. Hannah sat next to him, putting her arms around him as he cried into her shoulder. She started crying too. "I'm sorry.." She whispered. Realizing she was crying, he looked at her. and in a moment of vulnerability, he leaned in for a kiss.


Sorry for not having a lot of pictures, and Sorry this thing is so long. A lot happens in a sim week! Can't wait to hear your story Julmoo!

Just take each day 24 minutes at a time... Unless you hit pause, then you could be there for hours!

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This my first time in storytelling so it's probably going to be amateurish and I took way too many pictures. Please forgive me.


"Guys I tell you buying is much cheaper than renting an apartment!" protested Margaret Campher.
"Building a house from scratch is so boring though, we are new in this town and living in apartments is THE way to meet new people!" exclaimed Daphne excitedly.

"HOLY CRAP! There is a TOMBSTONE in front of the house. Tell me this isn't creepy!" Margaret tried to convince her husband Derek, but it was too late. He had already signed the renting contract.

"Calm down, we'll live. And if you mind the wallpapers, once we have more money we can renovate the flat to our own tastes" shrugged Daphne and went on her way to introduce herself to the neighbours.

"What the hell is your problem?" asked Derek after he got tired of his wife's constant nagging.
"You NEVER listen to me. We just spent all our money on this terrible place. Maybe someone died right here in this room! How else would you explain the tombstone?" cried Margaret in hysterics.

After Derek has left and Daphne was heard playing billiard in the commonroom, Margaret fixed herself a bowl of spaghetti to calm down.

All three were dreaming of certain careers, Derek dreamed of being the hand of poseidon, Daphne aspired to become a game designer and Margaret already secured a position as medical technician, the first step towards becoming the head of staff.

It didn't take long for Margaret and Derek to get over their argument and they commenced to woohoo on the sofa in the hallway...wait. WHAT?

The next morning Margaret was fired because she was always late AND made a fatal decision on her job. However after some pleading her boss showed mercy and she was rewarded with a second chance.
Derek had enough after Margaret took her frustration out on him again and he went with his sister downtown to the hip club "Cool Blue".
After a couple of drinks, actually too many drinks for Derek who isn't used to the party scene, the following happened:

Even Mrs. Crumplebottom got so drunk, she didn't mind their making out at all.

"Derek, are you sure that you're doing the right thing?" asked Daphne with a worrying face.
"Abbbsoluhtly." mumbled Derek and got into the taxi.

This night Margaret also found out that she was pregnant.

A very awkward and angry breakfast later, Daphne decided to crash downstairs at her friend's apartment until her brother and his wife got over their differences. Miss Lew's hospitality really has no limits.

Derek finally managed to find a job, he hoped that Margaret might forgive him more easily now, but Margaret was so angry, she didn't even let her husband bond with the baby.

In his despair Derek went downstairs to tell his sister what is going on and she comforted him while she made up a plan.

"That's it! This is how I'll get them back together!" whispered Daphne and got on her way to offer counseling to Derek and Margaret.

Meredith refused though because she really hates Daphne. And Derek. She poured her heart to a total stranger, her upstairs neighbour, out instead.
Mainly they failed because Derek was on the phone with his lover at the same time. Smart move Derek...

Another argument ensued.

And Daphne decided to never enter their apartment again until her very pregnant sister in law goes into labour.

Upstairs Daphne discovered a beautiful lady to which she immediately felt a three-bolt attraction.
Trying to find a computer, Daphne made a shocking discovery:

Although she REALLY likes this girl, she stayed clear of her since she does not want to mess with the supernaturals.

"I basically live with her so I might date her as well" thought Daphne and kissed Jennifer.

Oh crap. A Very angry ghost is going after the very pregnant Margaret and probably wants to see her very dead.

But hey no problem, instead he scared Jennifer to death.

But Daphne knows when to stay cool.

Saves her crush/roommate.

And gets scared herself.

In this night of life and death and life again and even more life Margaret goes into labour.

And gives birth to Jonathan Campher. Yay!

Derek is tired of his wife though and breaks up with her.

That's my week xD
Sorry again for the many pictures.
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Hannah awoke. Her body was in pain. She had fallen asleep on the couch, in her underwear. Remembering what happened she checked the apartment for Alon, but he was no where to be found. It was still dark, she saw Alon out the window and ran down after him.

"Alon wait!" Hannah bent over, hands on her knees, catching her breath after just running down the 3 flights of stairs. Alon stopped, and turned around. "C..Come back tomorrow." She huffed. "Let's talk about this in the morning."


The next day, Makayla realized something. She had gotten to the end of her spell book, and she still had not learned any way to raise the dead. 'Maybe Christian can tell me..' She invited him over.

They were making potions and enjoying each others company as usual when Makayla turned to him. "Christian, I finished the spell book today...I was wondering, is there any more?" He was confused. "Any more? What for?" Makayla bit her lip. "Well.. I was wondering if there was a spell to...raise the dead." "WHAT?!" He was outraged. " We are not meant to meddle in the affairs of the afterlife! THAT is what separates us from the evil witches and warlocks!" Sighing, Makayla turned back to her podium and mumbled. "I'll have to become an evil witch then." Christian grabbed her shoulder, and turned her around. "What did you say?" Makayla was defensive. "Look, I need to raise Patrick from the dea-"

Christian cut her off. "You used me?! You had me turn you into a witch, something I didn't even want to do, so you could raise an old lover from the dead?! Meanwhile you're woohooing with me?!" "Christian I-" "NO! We're done." With that he vanished.

"I'll show him. I'll raise Patrick from the dead without becoming evil."


Downstairs, Hannah and Alon were trying to lighten up the awkwardness with a game of pool. Daphne, noticing the awkward air, took Hannah outside to talk.

"I don't know what to do Daphne." (who apparently is like her best friend now..)

Also, Derek apologized to Margret, which is apparently something he really wanted to do, because it gave him 5,000 aspiration points.

Going back inside, Hannah spoke to Alon. "Look. I think we may have something here, how about we try again?" Alon smiled. "I couldn't agree with you more."

"Alon, I have someone to introduce to you."


Later that night, Makayla was tired. She had been studying dark magic for who knows how long. She had trouble keeping her eyes open.

And soon she fell asleep. While asleep, she hit the candle she had been using for light. Soon, the entire building was ablaze.

The alarm was wailing. At first, Hannah started hitting the nightstand, looking for the snooze button, but soon she smelt smoke, and sat up, gasping. They had practiced a fire drill before. She grabbed a few things she felt were important, her ballet shoes, a few pictures, a book or two, and a potted plant for some odd reason, and ran out the door. Once safely in the street, she looked around for Makayla. She didn't see her. "MAKAYLAA! MAKAYLAAA!" Looking back at the building, she dropped everything and went to run inside. A firefighter had shown up on the scene and held her back. "Ma'am you can not go back inside!" Hannah thrashed about in the fireman's grip, screaming. "MY SISTER'S IN THERE! SHE'S IN THERE!" The fireman held tighter. "Calm down! We sent firemen in the building she will be oka-" Suddenly the sound of crumbling bricks filled the air. The fireman dropped Hannah, to check on his men. Hannah stared up at a window in their apartment, sobbing.


By the next morning, the town had set up some temporary housing for the people of Salt Flats Flats. It was raining, and the smell of fire lingered long after the blaze had been extinguished. Hannah stood outside, between the buildings, eyes closed, head towrds the sky, crying. "Why?!'" Suddenly there was a flash of light.

Hannah had been electrocuted! But when she opened her eyes, there was Makayla! Hannah got cleaned up as Makayla told her what happened, how she woke up once the room was ablaze and magically teleported herself out of harms way.


Time passed and Hannah and Alon fell in love again. One night, Alon was particularly jittery as they went to Italidente. Hannah knew what was going on. Alon was going to propose to her tonight. They had lobster for dinner and talked and held hands. Then, near the end of the evening, Alon spoke up. "H..Hannah. I know we've had a rocky past, but I want to show you how committed I am to our future.." He pulled out the ring. "Will you marry me?" Hannah gasped, trying to pretend to be surprised. "Oh Alon! Yes!"

Hannah took the ring, and looked at it, eying it's worth. Alon noticed, but didn't say anything, but the thought of her just using him started to bubble in the back of his mind.


The next few months were full of excitement. Hannah asked Daphne and Makayla to go with her to buy her wedding dress. There weren't many options, but Hannah found one she liked.

Afterwards, Daphne suggested they go out to get pizza. Hannah asked Daphne about how she's been since the fire.

She knew Daphne felt a little weird about Makayla being a witch, heck everyone did, but she asked Daphne to be one of her bridesmaids at the wedding.

Hannah needed to head off, Alon had just moved in with her and she was going to help him unpack, but Daphne and Makayla stayed behind.

(Then this happened. In hindsight, if we want to keep a 3 bolt couple away from each other for story purposes, we should have friend zoned them.)


The next morning, Hannah got a call. She got the dance position she wanted, and they wanted her to come in right away! Racing to get ready Hannah called out to her sister. "I got the job! Be back late!"

Makayla was happy for her sister, but was lonely. Since their fight, she hadn't heard from Christian at all. Also, she felt a little odd. her aura had disappeared, and her skin didn't seem to have the same gold shininess to it that it once did. Trying to take her mind off everything, she dove back into her book of evil magic.


A little while later, Makayla heard someone come in. Confused at first, she then remembered Alon had moved in. Feeling a little evil, Makayla knew how to soothe her loneliness. Alon could never resist her, even though he really did try, Makayla was just to forceful. She knew he would never tell Hannah, and she knew Hannah shouldn't be home for a while, so she had no worries.

Mid liplock Hannah came come early.

She exploded, to say the least. "THAT'S IT! WE ARE DONE! IM MOVING OUT!" With that, she grabbed a few things, ignoring Alon's pleas for her to wait, and slammed the door behind her.


Alon had been devastated. He made a vow from that moment on to always be faithful. Makayla was so absorbed in witchcraft, she didn't even realize Alon was still living there, or that he brought his friend Brandi home as a rebound girl.

They soon fell in love, and he moved in with her.

Hannah moved into a small apartment in Las Vegas. Now that she had a dance career, whihc was getting quite successful, she needed to be closer to work anyway. She tried to date around, to move on, but without her and Makaylas tag team system, she was a mess.

A few other things happened:

Margret made a new enemy

Even after apologizing, Derek serenaded his mistress

Daphne started liking this guy

Strange, I've never seen two sims go out to dinner together that I wasn't controling, also, right next to his wife..

Margret attacked Daphne in the pizza place.

Just take each day 24 minutes at a time... Unless you hit pause, then you could be there for hours!

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Poor Jeremy had a bad start in life. His very first memory is sadly how his parents got a divorce and as a result of that, he was suffering from neglect. It seems like his parents simply forgot him, with their new relationships and/or revenge plotting.

But lucky for him, there was still his aunt Daphne, which seemed to slowly grow up and show a motherly side of her character.

Margaret decided not to weep for long and moved on to her neighbour Dongsool Menon, who conveniently seems to have a lot of money. Maybe Margaret will be able to look over the fact that she finds him totally repulsive.

Daphne and Jeremy had a sad little birthday party in the living room.

Derek and Margaret argued over custody for Jeremy...

And suddenly a fire broke out upstairs in the middle of the night!
Thankfully the whole Campher household managed to evacuate the building without a scratch, but Margaret used the situation to abandon the family completely.

Like the rest of the tenants of Salt Flat Flats she set up camp in the temporary housing that was provided for them. However she didn't really have a choice anyway with a meagre 1,300 Simoleons in her pockets.

Derek has made a payment for a newly constructed row house for weeks in advance, he wanted to surprise Margaret this way. But now he moved in with his son and his sister instead.

When Margaret noticed this fact she got extremely jealous and started to inconvenience the household by kicking over their trash and making messes, or stealing the newspaper.

Although Derek teaches Jeremy everything he needs to know, Daphne still remains as his main "caretaker", but she seems to enjoy it.

After thinking for a few days, Derek finally made up his mind. He wanted to marry Sophie. He really did. So over a romantic dinner of spaghetti at home, he finally popped the question.

Sophie accepted and started to live with the family as roommate.
Jeremy meanwhile grew up to become a child and start going to school.


Margaret was getting desperate. Her career seemed to go nowhere, she was still a medical technician. And Dongsool responded negatively to her advances as well.

To work the stress off she went to the local gym and started to chat with some of the ladies. Turns out in this town are many rich Sims!


Derek and Jeremy are slowly getting closer, now that he is older and Derek can share his wealth of knowledge with his son.

The next morning Derek arranged a honeymoon vacation and spontaneously got married to Sophie, at 6am in the kitchen, while Daphne was making omelettes!

In Twikkii Beach the newlyweds spent four days in marital bliss and did whatever newlyweds do.

Back at home Sophie felt strange, she thought she brought a stomach bug with her from the vacation, but it turned out to be something else!

Daphne realised that the older gentleman with whom she spent a few dates was living next door!
One thing led to another and Daphne was preparing to have her own little baby!

She moved in with her baby's father, although they both do not really plan to get married.


Only after many weeks Margaret noticed a very important detail: Dongsool is engaged!
This shattered her dreams of marring this rich man but she had other things to worry about.
Although her career was advancing well, she started to miss her child and her ex-husband and she realised...she wants to have them back!

She also discovered that gossip spreads quickly in this town and her bad reputation was well known, so she became a victim of abuse by many people.

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Monday morning brought an unusual surprise for Makayla. Hannah had always took care of paying the bills, and now the Repoman was here to collect. Distraught and emotionally vulnerable, she ran off to Alon's house, where she persuaded him to comfort her in her favorite way...

Soon, she found herself pregnant.

Alon didn't know what to do. He planned on moving on, living his life with a fellow Family sim, Brandi, but he didn't want to abandon his baby's mother and his baby. So one afternoon, he proposed after taking Makayla out to a nice lunch.

They waste no time in getting married, because Alon wanted it to be official before the baby arrived, and Makayla moved into his home. However, even against Alon's wishes, she continued to study black magic. Soon the baby is born, and for a while Alon becomes so involved with his new son Andrew, he doesn't realize Makayla hasn't changed her ways, until one night, he got off early from work..

He caught her in bed with Contessa the Vampire. But he controlled his anger, trying to figure out what to do. One one hand, his wife is obviously not going to change, but on the other, he doesn't want his only son to be around this mess. For the next few days, Makayla wondered what would happen, she was worried Alon would divorce her. She wasn't upset about losing him, but she did love Andrew, and knew the courts would never let an evil witch have custody of a baby. One fateful night, her nightmares came true.

Not only had he signed divorce papers, his lawyer was able to get Alon custody of Andrew. Makayla was in so much shock, she fainted. The next morning, she was on the couch, with an officer there to escort her off the premiss.

She threw herself into her studies. One morning she noticed something odd, her skin seemed more olive than usual. Ignoring it, she kept diving deeper into the dark arts, until her skin was completely green. While practicing her magic one afternoon, something went terribly wrong, and she found herself set ablaze.

She was completely alone. Screaming for help it seemed as if all hope was lost. But Makayla was mysteriously spared. The witch had teleported herself out of the flames. It was then Makayla made a vow, a vow to reconcile with her sister, as her only family, they needed to stick together. Hannah had forgiven the affair, and welcomed her sister.

After their encounter, Hannah decided she wanted to reconcile with Alon as well, if only to be friends. Which she did. Hannah still had feelings for him, but he had married Brandi one afternoon, after finding out she was pregnant, with twins!

Hannah was distraught. She was 10 days from being an elder and had not even gotten married, or had a child. Her future as a mother was slowly being lost to her. In her dispair and over crowded work schedule, care of her apartment fell to the way side, so she hired a butler, whom she soon took a liking to, and the feelings were mutual. Was it a coincidence?

His name was also Alon.

Just take each day 24 minutes at a time... Unless you hit pause, then you could be there for hours!

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This time I played in three day rotations to be able to react better to the events in each household.


After a few uneventful days of Jeremy learning how to do homework and getting A+'es, Derek getting promotions left and right and Sophie being pregnant, little Olivia decided to come into this world and say hello.
And this is how Sophie gave birth outside her row-house when she wanted to pay the bills.

Of course everyone was impressed and a little weirded out because, how often does someone deliver in the streets??


Margaret heard of the good news and felt jealous. Her child (that she never sees) was almost a teenager and she felt the clock ticking. She was advancing well in her career but she was still poor and she was lonely.
One evening she invited Derek out to the coffee shop, to discuss something with him, but her plan was far more devilish.

"Well Sophie, how does it feel to be cheated on?" cackled Margaret evilly as Derek got slapped by his wife.

However the atmosphere at the coffee shop was particularly charged this evening because the following happened:

Margaret went home, not sure of her feelings and whether she did the right thing. It didn't exactly help that the two people that moved out long ago were STILL loitering on the apartment lot.

(I didn't mess with them. It's all ACR's fault.)


When Daphne was reaaaally pregnant and snacking on some cookies she heard a lot of noise coming from the outside. When she looked out of the window she witnessed the following:

"Geez Derek, what did you do this time again?" she mumbled. But she quickly forgot that thought because OH MY GOD SHE WAS IN LABOUR!

And this is how little DJ (a boy) was born. Daphne and Jace made a DJ. And it's even cooler because they're total clubbers! At least this is what I assumed Daphne's train of thought to be.

Now that Daphne already helped raise her nephew and got older and more mature, she decided to take a step back from the party life and got a make over.
But she didn't want to be a boring mom too!

Daphne only lives with Jace because he is her babby's daddy. She's quite attracted to him but he is old and cannot really keep up with her.
This is why Daphne invited her old friend/lover Jasmine Lew over. After they know what happened she moved in with them to form a crazy patchwork family.


Jeremy became a teenager and all the neighbours barged in to witness this important moment. Everyone was curious as to what path he would choose for his life.

Because his cool aunt Daphne spent so much time with him, he wanted to be just like her, and thus he became a Pleasure Sim.

Jeremy tried his best to protect his little sister from the harsh atmosphere in the house. After all he was raised in exactly the same circumstances. It's funny how life plays out sometimes. This time he is taking up the same role as his aunt Daphne years ago and he tries to teach his sister the most important things about life.

Derek and Sophie were slowly warming up to each other because dammit! Sophie is a Family Sim and she is going to fight for her family!

Despite the circumstances Olivia grew up into a well-adjusted child and immediately paid a visit to her aunt next door, to see the cute little baby.

Family bonding! :D

The next day Derek finally reached the top of his career track and fulfilled his lifetime want. Life couldn't be better for him!

Derek and Sophie a little friendlier and Sophie is pregnant again. The space in the apartment is CRAMPED though.
Everyone is trying to talk Jeremy into going to college but he won't have any of that -.-'


Margaret was frustrated. If she didn't take the matters into her hands she would DIE in this provisional housing.
She remembers her neighbour quite fondly. Also he claims to be rich. Well here she goes, watch Margaret in action:


Margaret married her neighbour, but it turns out that he lied to her. He only brought a measly §26 000 into the household. He died under very mysterious circumstances, some say there was a fire, the same night.

Being a determined Sim Margaret didn't mourn for long. She paid the matchmaker §5000 and hoped to get an old fart with lots of money.

He brought only §4000 into the marriage. Strangely at night he died too.

Nobody will ever know what he saw for the last time...

Strangely enough Margaret found an old dusty lamp, she wonders what she could do with that....

Newbies please click here for information on "Hood Corruption" and here if you are looking for certain objects or mods. You're welcome!

Every time you delete a tombstone a kitten is being taken to Hell. Think of the kittens.
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This is my first time doing a shared neighborhood.


Act I
Ben got off the bus. Here he was – Mesa City. It sure was different from Veronaville. Ben shuddered at the mere thought of his hometown; he had even changed his first name to get away from the bad memories. Though his family, the Summerdream clan, was one of the richest in Veronaville, Ben sure didn’t belong there. For one, his parents seemed to care about his two brothers much more than him. Also, he was constantly made fun of at school for his pointed ears and facial tattoo. Ben vowed that when he made it big in Mesa City, he would cut all ties to the Summerdreams and have that tattoo removed. He got into a taxi and set out for his new home.

The house was newly built, and it looked to be in excellent shape. However, to pay the bills, Ben needed a job. He had always been the adventurous type, so he got a job as an intern for the Ambassador to Champs le Sims. Before he could leave for work, however, someone who knew his family showed up with a gift! Against his better judgment, Ben opened the present to find…

A brand new top-of-the-line LlamaTech computer! And it even had The Humans 3 – his favorite game – preinstalled on it!

Just then, someone rang the doorbell. Apparently, the house had only been vacant for a day before Ben bought it, and Alon Cho, Adrian Gast, and Scot Wade had come to introduce themselves. Ben, Alon, Adrian, and Scot talked, watched TV (with Scot blocking the screen most of the time!) and generally had a fun afternoon.

The next day was Ben’s first and last day working at the Ambassador’s office; he was fired over a cultural misunderstanding.

Apparently, SimNation food is eaten in France after all.

Ben needed to find a job, and quickly. Looking through online job ads, he found that the Mesa City Detective Agency was hiring, and immediately applied for the job and ran to the agency. Ben got the job, and he was able to buy a telescope with the money! He still didn’t even have §5,000 in the bank, but he felt good about his life.

After a night of stargazing with the new telescope, Ben was preparing breakfast when a woman broke into his house, apparently furious with him for having a telescope! After an argument, the woman left.

After a week of work, Ben met another new hire: a beautiful woman named Samantha. In fact, Ben had gotten so many cases that Samantha was his new assistant! Ben had made a few friends around town, but none were like Samantha. She even told him a secret about his telescope: point it towards the Simdromeda Galaxy and shine a flashlight through a 48x eyepiece to send a message to extra-terrestrial Sims!

Will Ben and Samantha get into a romantic relationship? Will Ben use the secret Samantha told him? Will the woman who broke into Ben’s house show up again? Find out in Act II!

EDIT: I put a video of my play at Samantha is mentioned in one of the hint bubbles, but is not otherwise in the video.
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