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Default Move custom painting to a new lot.
Extract a custom painting from one lot and add it to another, including all necessary linkages:

This should be another fairly simple program, assuming that the painting image still exists in the lot package after the painting has been moved to another lot.

Research required: what linkages are necessary? Are the linkages still intact, even though the image has been removed?


[Update:] I just had my sim take a custom painting and a still life to an owned business lot and the pictures showed up correctly. I also verified that the paintings are in the business lot package, not the residential lot package. Is this only a problem with some EPs?
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This would be great. I've lost some paintings I really liked.

I know that one of them was lost moving from residential to residential lot.
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If you still have a backup of the original lot before the move occurred, you might be able to grab the picture from the lot package.
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