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Default Fix urnstone error with Pescado's mod
There's a problem with one of Pescado's mods, that it generates an error when a tombstone cannot be delivered correctly:

I don't remember which mod has the problem, but it might be a simple fix (return false rather than error?).
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I found my notes on this problem:
alfixes.package causes Urnstone errors in E001

It replaces BHAV Global Token - Verify Lot/Neighbood and adds:

Lot - Is Apartment Sub?
Lua("GetBaseLotID", ...)

The problem is that the Urnstone memories have a corrupt Lot ID in data[0].
It's too bad that the problem is in one of those mods that is much too helpful to remove.

Of course, there's always the solution of running the HoodChecker and having the tombstones delivered to a valid lot. But, it would be nice if alfixes wouldn't complain about the lost-in-transit tombstones.
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