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"Hopeless creek" novel preview
I heard a bang. The loud noise could have startled everyone in the world. I woke up and peered through the window. It was terrible out there. People were running and screaming from the big tanks and helicopters. I quickly took my shoulder bag and looked for my family. I walked into my parents room to find blood all over the walls and floor of the bedroom. I screamed and wailed and suddenly a man popped out of the bathroom holding a long, vegetable knife. I knew he was dangerous, I ran out of the house onto the dead way streets.

I run along the corners not knowing where I am going. I build up my speed and just as I was doing it I got pulled into a lane. It was matt. He has been my best friend since kindy. But we know a lot more about each other's than best friends do. We are close. He shows me that down this alleyway we are walking through, is holding all the keys to freedom. But I'm afraid that matt might be wrong. I'm not doubting him but I'm just a little bit concerned.

We pass the farms. It has happened there too, everyone is a phycho! All of the farmers and livestock have gone mad! And to speak of phycho, I should tell you how all this happened. It was a normal day, everyone was doing the same thing-sponging. It doesn't sound too bad, but not till you know what it is. It is where you get a sponge and it does everything for you. It's a complicated advanced machine and still not sure why they gave them out for free. It's 6 times worse than eating junk food. One day all of the sponges stopped working. We couldn't be ourselves if left alone.

We run out of town hoping we can get a flight somewhere else where it is safe. The airport is a fair way away. So we catch a taxi. I know, not the best option, but it is the only transportation we have available right now. We get a lift to the airport. Matt, the taxi driver and I had a little chat until the conversation wore off about three quarters of the trip. But I guess that the driver started to feel lonely...

He drove the car sideways off the road. It slammed into an old oak tree. Matt and I run out hoping that the driver isn't a mad murderer. We run up the road until we can't see the taxi anymore. We decided to save our energy by walking the rest of the way. We finally get to the airport. All of the flights are delayed. That's not a surprise.

Matt and I panic and try to figure out a plan. We got nothing. We both know that we're destined for doom. If we can't leave then we are going to either get killed or become one of them... I hug matt tightly knowing I'm not going to be the first to let go. He leans down and tells me that we are going to make it through this. I nodded my head even though I didn't believe a single word you said.

I hope you enjoyed the preview of my book "hopeless creek". Let me know what you think of the preview. And tell me if you want the full thing!
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