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Default Custom Sofas
Hey all, I hope I am posting in the right forum. I am new to object creation but have a definite interest. What I would like to do is create a semi-round sofa for my house. Is it possible to create custom furniture for use in the Sims 3? All I have seen so far is objects that have been recolored but that still have the same shape. I want to create a new shape. Any help would be appreciated.
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#2 Old 25th Jul 2009 at 10:20 AM
soon. wes has made the first cusotm object and when he refines the plugins etc i think it wont be long until many more people can start making custom furnature etc

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#3 Old 25th Jul 2009 at 4:56 PM
Wes will get it. He is the meshing god.
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Cool, thanks for the replies. I'll be patiently waiting.
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Hmm. What about objects from TS2? Can somebody convert them (for TS3)?
Is is possible?

And objects meshing - what should I have to create objects ;>?
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Wes will release the tool in due time.

The only thing you need to "have" right now is patience and it'll all come
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nice :0. So Mr Wes will release a program? or something like this? Sry, I'm totally newbie
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Wes is trying to make an interface to go between your object package and your 3D editor, as the game and 3d editors "speak different languages". Also Sims 2 and Sims 3 speak different languages, so if you are hoping to use a Sims2 mesh in your Sims3 game, it needs something to translate it first from Sims 2 language into 3D editor language, and from there into Sims 3 language.

Sorry to put it sort of "childishly" but some readers might find it easier to understand like this.

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^I tried that above method with SimPE to view the sim2 mesh files, imported it into MilkShapes with a Sim2 importer, exported it with Wes's Sim3 exporter, then packaged it with Postal.

Needless to say it didn't work, but I wasn't exactly expecting it to. I'm sure I am missing alot in the process, and some necessary tools aren't out yet. But it sounds like a reasonable process, no?
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Hmm, not really. Good thinking though - I hoped that too.

The objects look the same, as do the meshes, but you are going to have to fully remap the object. Looking at Wes notes on his own forum, it looks like the materials data is currently included in the mesh file - a TS2 mesh would not have it - it would be a lot of work, though with DABOOBs Delphy has made a tool that DOES make TS2-TS3 transfers possible for hair....makes you wonder.

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Well perhaps you could open up sims2 content in MilkShape and use it as a guide to create it for sims3; use the same values or something. Not all that familiar with the program, I'll admit. I acknowledge there's alot more to making cc but when all that comes along, at least you won't have to design an object from scratch.
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