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#51 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 12:24 PM
Different pros and cons as I see it.
Using Wiki:
  • [pro]shared responsibility, anybody can edit and add info; community effort.
  • [pro]no dependency on file availability
  • [con]anybody can edit and deface info
  • [con]familiarity with editing Wiki (not a steep learning curve, but still some learning necessary)
  • [con]not searchable/sortable like columns in spreadsheet or grouped, i.e. no database functionality
  • [con]integration with S3OC needs reformating, etc

Using one spreadsheet file:
  • [pro]searchable, can sort, group etc
  • [pro]easily saved as xml or csv for integration with S3OC
  • [pro]everybody knows how to type in data into a spreadsheet
  • [con]dependency on file availability
  • [con]issue of which file is the latest one

another option of a database-like utility:
  • [pro]searchable, can sort, group etc
  • [pro]easily saved as xml or csv for integration with S3OC
  • [pro]can be a standalone tool or integrated with s3oc/s3pe
  • [con]waiting on someone to create one

...and more....pros & cons for each option, I'm sure, or even other options. These are just the ones that crossed my mind as we hashed things out.

Let's keep discussing options for the long term. In the meantime, if we're going to go the xls route for the short term, someone with assured free time in future can start plugging in data....

my 2¢...
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#52 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 2:26 PM
Could a file like that help?
It's an excel version of cocomama list from 01 november 2009.

I notified 4 more informations for diningchairs I had yet.

If something like that could help, everybody can use this file as pattern and I can manage/collect the information in the same file.
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#53 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 2:59 PM
Hi, Anouschka
I will have to find and install an Excel program first, probably came with one of the new PC's we bought .
Attached is the new list that include the cloner names of the Stairs Railings and Fences.
I have trouble with naming the floors and walls, so I'll wait with that, in case it is not nessecairy.

Ellacharm3d, very nice compilation of the facts!!
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#54 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 3:07 PM
if you cannot find Excel, OpenOffice is free...might not have the bells and whistles of Excel, but if you don't have Excel installed in the first place, not worth getting Ms Office just to be able to open and edit xls for this task.
#55 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 3:30 PM
Thanks ellacharm3d, downloading now!
Hope it is easy to use, and I so do not want to learn another new program.

Attached is the new list with the Pool, Roof and Terrain.
Floors and Walls are set up/connecting differently, and I have to figure out how first, if nessecairy.
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#56 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 4:05 PM
Great work Anouschka

Must have take you quite some time!
Did you looked up the recolorable channels already? I do not understand how there can be more than 4?

If we are going add objects of the expansions to the list, we need a field for Basegame etc too. And what about the free objects from the Store?
And what comes with the downloaded free neighborhoods, will we add that too?
Or only what is listed in the cloner?

You know that Open Office has a program to built a Database too, I am going to explore that now.
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#57 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 4:52 PM Last edited by anouschka : 1st Nov 2009 at 5:06 PM.
Hi Cocomama,

I wanted to say you too that you can use the openoffice version (compaible with excel .xls (MS Office).
I 'll check right now for the colors.
I think we could begin with the objects from the cloner. It'would be a nice start. And then we could add the objects of the future games + from the store. It's not a issue.

Edit : In your .txt file, you notified recolors and I wondered also what recolor it is why there are between 1 and 12.
example :
"6-The Porcelain Throne $1,800 (6 recolors) Bladder 10 Environment 3 +Never Breaks"

I think the recolors from your txt file are not correct. They shoud mean something different.
#58 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 5:26 PM Last edited by Cocomama : 1st Nov 2009 at 6:51 PM.
6-The Porcelain Throne $1,800 (6 recolors) Bladder 10 Environment 3 +Never Breaks"

6 recolors means that there are 6 recolors or preset? colors listed in the buy catalog.

Now I see, you thought that those are the number of recolorable channels, sorry for the confusion. I first called them colors and orangemittens asked what they were, so I changed it to recolors. Maybe they need a different name/called different?

Building a Database is not going to work for me, to long ago, sorry.

Lets hear what the others have to say about how the list should look/contain, before we are doing any redundant work.

hazuitokage, Inge, HugeLunatic, and anyone interested, would you please tell us what is needed?

I am going to clean out my workfolders to get the info about the objects I have used.
and will post it here, so Anouschka can fill it into the .xls.

Number of recolorable channels
Number of groups in the mesh
Size of the textures
Footprint--1 or 2tile is enough?
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#59 Old 1st Nov 2009 at 5:54 PM
I think recolors is the correct term for what you meant, Cocomama.

I have something like this

before I knew we could change the recolor list (as cmomoney pointed out), so there wasn't any column for how many recolors (the preset colors) an object has. I extracted the names (but it doesn't match S3OC list), so I didn't have to retype, and created some cell validations for dropdown as I'm too lazy to type...the numbers in column G-J represent the number of groups in the mesh.

You guys can use it as a template if you want, I can upload it here...
or if there are other dropdowns you guys would like to see, I can create that before I upload it.

The reason I haven't offered it before was the mismatch with S3OC (the normal objects), there are some errors in my data and I have yet to extract the other categories like fences, stairs, roofs, etc.
#60 Old 11th Nov 2009 at 12:54 PM
Sorry it toke so long, the flu has left me very low in energy.
Here is my used objects list, offcourse I examened more meshes, but these are the ones I really worked with.

Oh, Ellacharm3d do we need to list the TGI value too?
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#61 Old 15th Nov 2009 at 3:31 AM
Sorry, y'all, were you guys waiting on me for something? I totally forgot to check back in this thread.

In my attempt to come up with a list, and after digging into S3OC + S3PE source codes + the fullbuild/gameplay/thumbnail packages, I think that "TGI key" I referred to is best renamed to "InstanceID" and the "CASt-able parts" to "channels" as some of you have been doing.

The object resource chain is driving me bonkers, I'm trying to relate TS3 packages to this Package Resource Graph and am getting more confused. I wanted to trace where the dependencies are as some of my modifications and testing are not coming out right and I still cannot get the outcome that I wanted.

I still have a ways to go ....
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