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Just started this contemporary style mansion. Its so not my own style but I finally like the way it looks. what you guys think?

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Originally Posted by ScaryRob
A rebuild of Maxis' 'Cozy Kitten Condo', from the Belladonna Cove neighborhood.
I added a second story with multiple rooms and tamed the out-of-control roof. It is now a two bedroom, with three full baths and a loft. An additional 4x4 spare room can be used as needed. The downstairs kitchen and dining area is large. I also added a driveway and backyard deck. Built from scratch on a new Lot, of course, this is a pretty good house now, imo. No Custom Content.

My first thought upon loading up that house and seeing the roofing situation was "What were they thinking?!?"

Originally Posted by Volvenom
I have downloaded some content and what do you think about the Venice windows?[/url]

They look really good, will you be building a venetian mansion to use them on?

New year, same old problems and unfinished creations...

My Baroque chateau and Victorian asylum are both coming along leaps and bounds.


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But then I have some other projects that haven't fared so well...

18th Century Behemoth:

Gothic Folly:
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The Gothic castle looks intriguing

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I finished this one the other day... I think it is a Toll Brothers design, but I can't find a link to it anywhere *shrug*

It's floor plan was stored in my hoard of interesting ideas folder. It'll be uploaded soon (I hope!)

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Looking nice, Ferg. Definitely digging the asylum.

During the summer I was playing around with making something in the 1980s and 1990s Postmodern style--kinda that Michael Graves vibe. Postmodern is a really wide genre, of sorts, but I really do like some of its revival elements. And to slowly work on my never-ending project of making community lots of rabbit hole buildings, I came up with a this:

It's a bit on the tame side (considering how batshit crazy some postmodern designs can go) with some art deco revival touches.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Soapdish, a silly comedy with Sally Field about soap operas. (Some plot elements have not completely aged perfectly from 1991.) I based the interior on the set from that movie, so lots of art deco and Memphis Group colors. A television studio with essentially a consistent set just seemed easier than a general movie lot. That's about it. Still have a few offices and all the individual dressing rooms to do, and whatever the heck I'm going to do with the very top floor. I don't know if I'll upload it because it is impractically large and detailed so far. Playing around with colored invisible lights to make the sunrise/sunset for the back drop was fun. The doors are colored coated based on what they lead into. Green->studio, Black->hallway, Gray->service, Yellow->office, Red->dressing room, Purple->wardrobe, Brown->props, Orange->health/wellness, Dark Blue->recreation, White->outside/exit, and Light Blue/Pink->restrooms. So all the doors essentially have different colors on each side. Why? Because CAST. :D
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So i have been working on this mid sized Second Empire Victorian for a while now! Almost ready to be uploaded! Just have to add a little landscaping!

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