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#26 Old 16th Jul 2020 at 8:10 PM
Wow! Eliza Pancakes... You so cute? I was so bored of her appearance so I decided to rework her a little. I was going to play the household anyway so... In this install she have just tipped over and have become an adult. It's an old save and it took a while before I did turn of aging back then. The glasses may be gone but the freckles is still there (even though they might not be noticeable in the pic).

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#27 Old 1st Aug 2020 at 4:16 AM
Johnny Zest - I made him over to be a little more in keeping with the playful, easy-going attitude I imagine he has. Which incidentally has given him slightly Dudley Landgraab vibes:

#28 Old 3rd Aug 2020 at 8:43 PM
Did a make-under with my edited Nina and Dina Caliente restoring what I imagine their natural hair color and texture to be as well as removing all their makeup. Now you can see how similar they look!

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#29 Old 18th Aug 2020 at 10:11 AM
Didn't actually have to change up much about Brant, he's a cutie as it is. Just got rid of the blue tinted hair, and gave him a shorter beard (which makes him look much younger!)

#30 Old 24th Dec 2020 at 11:26 PM
Merry Christmas (or Happy Holiday if you prefer) everyone!

I'm a "messy" player, meaning that I just play back and forth. My general interest is to create sims but there is a limit in TS4 (good for me) and whit 76 out of 150 down I have switched over to make over the pre-mades.

So here is one of them. I have seen this dark skinned (adult) sim from time to time. Her (Swedish) name seems to be Linda Lindahl but I don't know what's her English name is or if she had that name from day one (she was in a save that got lost and I only got her picture, not the name). Anyway, here is a pic from back then. I moved her in whit one of my sims in Oasis Springs.

And here is my make over in three different outfits: Everyday, Hot weather and Formal.

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So I gave Mr Don Lothario (an adult in this install) a new look and gave him a girlfriend. It's a pre-made young adult named Elin (did forget her last name, sorry) who I also changed quite a bit . They now live in Oasis Springs.

#32 Old 9th Jan 2021 at 8:40 PM
I decided it was time to give (old) Mrs Landgraab (from my 2:nd install of the game) a makeover again. I do not think I did mess that up.

Credits and links:

Outfit - Belaloallure Dakota Dress
Shoes - Sentate's Sassy Pump

Both on TSR
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