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How to create new bone mesh base (member body, articulation etc)?
Looking for a way to add bone to the skeleton of SIMS.
- Add 4 arms as the Indian goddess
- Add intréer wings squeltte
- Add a wolf tail wolf for Garoup
These new body member be handled with joints.

I do a lot of research, and I know the SIMS are composed of:
- Basic Mesh
- Morphology mesh.

Through numerous tutorial, I already have an idea of how to create a morph mesh,
However I did find anything on how to create basic cell (bone, joint etc), and how to ensure that the system takes them into account to create future script.
And also how to process that all outfits CAS, recognize these new bones for their Format (if not automatically do)

Could you help me by directing me to a tutorial?
Or tell me how to do it, indicating which software to use ect ...

its been a while since I did a lot of research, but I can not find :s
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I'm not really sure what you're referring to, but bones make a sims move. It's (if you use Milkshape 3d) this blue skeleton. In Blender (if you're a pose maker) it's the joint you can rotate. The black part.
If you're looking for adding new bones, I guess you need to somehow replace the entire sims 3 body. It's not really the same as in Skyrim where you can give characters different skeletons (bones). At least, So far we all know, there has never been a cc creator being able to do it.

If you meant adding bones to your creations, I would suggest using Meshtoolkit.
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Yes I have Blender ^^
I did not know that this was impossible :s

When you say "add bones to your creation"
You mean our form creation from a new bone base (with articulation and all), different from the sims?
then after associating (paste) to a portion of SIMS base squeltte?
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#4 Old 19th May 2016 at 10:33 AM
No, the game has it's default 'bones' or you could actually call it 'skeleton' in this case. To replace that, you need to somehow make the game notice the bones so it doesn't make weird animations, because right now, if you would try something like this and succeed to do that, the animations on the sim would just go crazy! Or maybe it doesn't do anything at all, just because the animations are made for the sims and pets. And since you might rename the bones, into something the game has never heard of, it will either go crazy or it will do nothing at all.

And with that all, It would take a long time to make it all work properly. IF it works with the sims.
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Ok I see
Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to answer me ^^
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