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Default I'm trying to create K-pop led sceneries using TS3 showtime stages, but I need some help!
Hello guys, my real name is Lucas, I don't even remember why I create this user name as "Fernanda_fergie" hahahaha, but it's ok.
Going direct to the point, I have an youtube channel as Elli Darffy Grown and I create some music videos, "live performances" and some other stuff...
One of my favorite things is creating sceneries for my videos, and every video I try to get better and more creative, this time i'm trying to create a led scenery like K-pop led lights sceneries, but I don't want to use chroma key, I want it to work in the game, so I had the brilliant idea to use the showtime stage as base, it worked, but as you guys can see, I'm having some trouble with the effect of the led, I tried but I can't change this Blue and Purple led effect for another...
Does anyone have any idea of what can I do or how can I change it?

This one is the Stage I use as base:

This one is was my first edit, I was able to change the prism design for the word "warrior" and my character image:

And this one is the complete scenery I am trying to make, but I can't change this colors and design of the main led:
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You might get more assistance posting this in a modding forum rather than Creator Feedback. Good luck with your project!
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