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Default Woodshore help & tips
I've put many hours into making a world in CAW and would love to upload it. I've read and followed the guidlines, but am still unsure if everything is in order now. What do you think? Also, I've seen others posts of worlds where they have a button that folds and unfolds their tables. Does anyone know how to do this? I have dubble checked everything several times, but still would love to get some feedback if everything works, especially on the tomb. If someone would help me out and try it, that would be awesome! Something special I did, was creating appartment above stores and rabbithole buildings on residential lots, to create a realistic mainstreet appearence. The rabbitholes are functional, but I would love to hear if there are glitches/problems anywhere along the way, as this is not usually done.

Woodshore is a quaint town near the ocean. It is surrounded by natures beauty: In the east the ocean, and in the west the nature reserve. The town may be small, but it does not lack facilities. It has everything you could wish for and more, homes, workplaces, restaurants, parks, modern and old fashioned. There are many bookshops, let’s just say the people went a bit crazy with reading…Have you discovered the secret spots? Perhaps you noticed the teenage hangout where recently the campfire got a little bit…out of hand. Or where you a real detective and did you find the hidden tomb?

The idea of the town formed from the ocean landscape and natures dunes in the Netherlands. I loved how both areas are beautiful and yet so different. There are many Easter eggs and treasures hidden in this town. I’ve tried to be creative when it come to the architecture, to show the weird and crazy ways you can built houses in the Sims. I’ve also tried to make the backstories of the population interesting and not too stereotyped, I strive for inclusion, even in The Sims, and have chosen to create non-traditional families and Sims with genetic disorders.

• Map Size: Small
• Populated: To include the population, download and unzip the Woodshore population file and put the folder in your Saved folder. I highly recommend it, because the houses and building have backstories linked to the population.
• Spawn Points: There are spawn points for fish/birds/butterflies/rodents/gems/metal/junkyard/beach bottles/seashells. I believe I’ve used slightly more spawn points than EA, I enjoy the added realism the birds and butterflies provide. They are proper and logically distributed.
• Tomb: Yes! There is a tomb! Making this was hard, but I had so much fun figuring it all out. The story behind the tomb is based on an old legend from my country, I hope you find it and like it!
• Routing Info: The camera and sim routing is limited to the edge of the woods surrounding the town. With small exceptions for those who enjoy a walk in the woods. Since the map is small the edges are visible when in town view and completely zoomed out, since the world is too small to fit one of CAW distant terrain.
• Layering: 8 layers including the Global Layer
• Patch Level: 1.67
• Textures: 5 textures
• CC: There is no Custom content! *except Jynx rabbithole rug hospital, but you can play withtout.
• Effects: I have used surf effects in the ocean, seagulls, birds and the lighthousefx effect for the lightbeam.
• EPs Required: All EPs (WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future).
• Lots:
o There are a total of 62 lots, of which 33 residential and 29 community lots.
• Residential: There are 33 lots of varying sizes, luxury and style. Because I love the idea of apartments above shops there are a few apartments with rabbitholes beneath them/on the property. If you don’t like this, simply change the lot type to visitors allowed and it will no longer be a residential lot. The residential lots are furnished in different styles depending on how I envisioned the owners. There are also some fixer-uppers, starter homes, an abandoned shack, trailer park and two empty lots for your own creations. For the perceptive ones under us, there are a few references processed in lots and descriptions. Let me know if you’ve found them!

o Rabbitholes:
I have used Jynx’s Rabbit Holes for Residential Lots(only the hospital I believe), which can be found here:
Download, unzip and place the folder in your Mods folder. If you do not have one, follow these instructions:

o Aside from the working rabbitholes and community lots, the wold also contains a non-functional pet shop, clothing shop, toy shop, general store, community centre and launderette.

•I have tables of my community lots with information, but chose not to include it here, because it's several pages long, and I didn't want to clutter up the feed.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip World Woodshore Version (20.35 MB, 13 downloads)
File Type: zip Woodshore Population (21.55 MB, 11 downloads)
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