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Default Volcano Highland - fully featured custom world - 99% compleate - Lab rats wanted
Good day everyone, English is not my first language so apologies for any grammar error. This is a custom world I've been working on for the past few years. It has mountainous highland terrain, large number of residential lots and community lot types from every EP(WA IP ITF exempt ).
It has a performance focus, my goal is to build a world that has functions from every EPs but without lag. Routing has been thoroughly checked, it has no more than 8 texture layers per chunk. It plays well on my PC with a CPU from 2010.
I put a lot of time into building lots, I try to have a realistic style. every building is finished inside and out.
I put some rabbitholes from Roaring Heights in for aesthetic purposes. Not sure about the policy regards including objects from the sims 3 store, I can remove them in release version if that's a problem.
Current status of this world is everything done except Trees.
Small number of CC included, they are patterns/roof/electronics/car made by me.
If you decide to test this out, please move your sims into lots, visit venues, interact with objects, etc. Then post bug\glitches you encountered, suggestions and general feedback in the comments.
I look forward for your inputs.
I will make necessary changes while I put down trees to make it ready for release.


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I volunteer! The world looks neat. Although I must warn you my game is heavy on mods and this might affect glitching (thankfuly, I have had almost none in my files so far!). Also, I don't do the sims 3 store (I can just find 1000% better CC elsewhere) so I don't know if the store CC will show up (if not included in the pack). Usually the game will replace them with something that already exist in your own game but I reccomend packing two seperate versions (one with and one without store content) if you just to be sure.
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