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Default Why are there no medium dogs?
It's been over teen years, why is the pets matrix still only based off of two sizes of dog?? Why can't we make dachshunds and basset hounds that look like dachshunds and basset hounds? People *raved* about the create a pet system, but it's basically the same as it was in 2 and 3 with different fur textures and now you can't even control your dog. Why can't we make the giant breeds look like the giant breeds? A great dane shouldn't be the same size as a doberman! Or has the AKC been lying to me all these years??

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If they change the size, they have to make a whole new set of animations. That's why in Sims 4 all teens and adults are the same size.

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I know. My old dog's head come up to about my knee so i consider him a medium sized dog. I have attemted to recreate him and his mother, who was a goldern retriever, in 2,3, and, 4 to varing success. But every time it drives me nuts that I can't get the size difference between them right.
Personaly I think TS4's Create a pet was (is) a bit over hyped. I thing that while it may be more intuitive and user friendly then TS3 CAP in some ways, in terms of what you can acualy do with it I don't think it does anything that TS3's doesn't.

And dont get me started an the awful way genetics works with pets. One of my favourite things about having pets in my sim household is to watch their genteic bloodlines play out alone the sims. The complete either or way pet genetics work in 4 combined with the fact their uncontrollable and count against the eight sims rather then have their own count, really makes me not care about breeding them at all.
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Sims 4 is very bad with genetics. I have no idea why my male sim isn't having his kid tested for paternity, but it is his.

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Because dogs are terrible at predicting fortunes, reading tea leaves and gazing into crystal balls. They have no interest in it whatsoever and even Maxis know it would be too cruel to force it upon them.

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Cats are carefully friendly and come in one convenient size, cat-size, perfect for leaping onto a bookcase or cuddling on a lap.
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