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Default Origin not available atm for me (server problems long since resolved, ignore :) )
Anyone else getting the error that the servers are unavailable? And why can't Origin see my installed game if there is no server available. Can't play TS3 now :/ This is so stupid.

EDIT: Started the game using the app instead of Origin, thought this was not possible with TS3 1.69
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What do you mean with using the app? Sounds good!

If I have any server problems I usually go offline with the complete system to force Origin to use the offline mode and this helps in most of the cases (perhaps using offline mode in Origin will also do the trick, but in my case Origin usually doesn't start at all when the internet connection is not stable).
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I know about that, but because of the server problems, Origin was not working properly. So I didn't have the usual options and it would not show my games list. So there was no TS3 to click. It is a bit weird that it can't show a list of installed games regardless of internet connection like in Steam.

But turned out I could just start TS3 from Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Game\Bin\Sims3Launcher.exe. Also the server problems had been resolved that same evening (evening for me that is, no clue what time it was for EA).
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