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A few questions regarding what to do with CC files/backups after reinstalling the game
Hi everyone

I'm reinstalling the game after having to format my PC, but I'm not sure what to do now with my CC and with other files from my backup of the My Documents game folder.
Basically, I want to convert all my Sims3Packs into the .package format so that I can install them by using the Mods folder instead of the launcher - mostly because that way I can organise them better and merge them with CCMagic - but in this case I don't know what to do with the DCBackup (which only contains the ccmerged file) and DCCache folders from my backup, that should contain all the content I've installed before (and I don't know if this is important, but a lot of it is from the Store). Do I have to put them back in the new game folder, or are they useless and I can delete them because I'm going to essentially reinstall all the Sims3Packs anyway?

I'm also unsure of what to do with all the Sims3Packs that contain lots and worlds: can they be succesfully converted to .package files (by using Delphy's Multi Sims3Pack Extractor at least), or do I have to keep them in the .Sims3Pack format and still install them via the launcher? And if I can convert them, can I move them to the Mods folder and merge them with CCMagic like regular .packages or do I have to put them somewhere else?
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DCCache is where your Sims3Pack content is located, .dbc is CC and .ebc is Store content. DCBackup (except ccmerged.package) is not needed unless you plan to share lots.
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Got it, thanks

What about the lots and worlds that I downloaded as Sims3Packs? Can they be converted to a .package, put in the Mods folder and then merged with CCMagic without any issues?
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Worlds no, always load through the launcher. Lots yes but they go in the library folder.
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