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Default Current way of making/editing custom wallpapers without Homecrafter with UC
The past three hours I've been googling all the keywords related to homecrafter & Ultimate Collection, but I still couldn't find any answer to my problem:
How do I make/edit custom wallpapers with Ultimate Collection in 2020?
Homecrafter doesn't seem to work with my Windows 10 computer, and I don't know if it would even work with the UC.
Could anyone point me to the direction towards making/editing custom wallpapers these days?

Thank you!
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Update: I was able to make it work by downloading the version on this link:
It works fine with UC and Windows 10.
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I had no issues getting Homecrafter running on Windows 10 (much easier than Bodyshop or TS2, in fact...). I installed it, and it ran fine - even with the UC (the necessary folders appeared in the Projects folder). It doesn't appear to need any compatibility modes or anything like that. If you get any problems with memory/RAM issues, you can even do the 4GB fix on the EXE file (like you can for TS2 and Bodyshop) - not sure if that step is necessary, but could be useful to know in case you run Homecrafter for a longer period and it starts crashing or runs slower or some such.
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