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Default Colorable accessories

I saw on cazyx's blog (which seems to be 'closed') she talked about colorable accessories. She said that TSWR's what she uses to do it. I followed what she said, but our english isn't that good, so I didn't understandit at all.

i'm using TSR workshop for accessories hairs and modified the package with new GEOM's but kinda buggy because the textures it's using/packing too much or i'm missing something...

and you have to import the hair in .obj format and have to use extra low poly to not crash the workshop so you can modified it later try it i cant explain all since im not good at english lol and don't forget to browse/use your hairs textures some accessories are have a weird shadows but most are fine.

note on accessories mask is RGB 3 colors for 3 accs parts to recolorable/repatterns export samples textures from EA to see it and avoid the problems.

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out.

Thank you so much in advance.


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