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Default Making a Great Dane look like a Great Dane!
So, i thumbed through the tutorials on meshing, and somesuch, but i didn't find something that pertained to this. The "Great Dane" dog in E.P. pets, isn't the size of a Great Dane! So, I was wondering if anyone thought it was viable, or even feasible to make a Great Dane the correct size in comparison to a male sim (Assuming that he is 6ft even) as the G.D's in my game are about a foot/30cm short. Also - has this already been done?

I have everything necessary to turn my sim's world on end, but before bothering to attempt this, I thought I would get a public opinion.

EDIT; I swore I put this into the sims 2 mod section . Admins/mods, please move?
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Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any way to scale up a Pet body mesh. It's not just a matter of making the mesh itself larger (which may be doable by running it through the Meshtool - I don't know if Unimesh correctly supports all pet bones necessary to do it that way) but also getting the skeleton to scale up. While technically the stretchSkeleton cheat does function for pets, it's busted - their tongues get all stretched out of shape and it just looks horrible. Additionally, there's no way I've ever seen to make a third body type (i.e. add on gigantic to small and large dogs) that would allow for a natively-scaled-up skeleton. I've seen enough amazing things to not say something's impossible, but if it is possible, I don't think anyone knows of a way to do it.

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Thanks for your input - this is why I asked :P.
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