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Default New World - Small Tropical Island City
Hey Everyone!

I'd like to share some pics from a new world I've been working on.
Comments/suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

The Rough Concept:
This is a small chain of islands (Name TBA) in the South Pacific Ocean (roughly 2,200 miles off the eastern coast of New Zealand).
It is literally in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but beautiful blue water for as far as the eye can see!

The main island is home to a mountain range that has large deposits of precious minerals deep within its caverns.
The island was discovered in the 1500s on a spanish expedition - once word of the discovery made it back to the king, orders were immediately sent to begin construction on a small mining village.
Today, much of the original spanish architecture still stands - and city ordinances enforce new construction to conform to the antique spanish style of the rest of the city.
Most of the city has been significantly updated - bringing it closer to the modern age, and making it considerably appealing as a tourist destination.

World Stats:
Size = Small
Residential = 20
Commercial = 21
Ports = 4
All EPs, Some SPs (TBA), and only one CC - Jynx Rabbithole Rugs (this is only because I wanted to create a custom building for everything in the game.

Misc Goals:
I just wanted to make a cool small island city that had a big city feel.
My loose inspiration was Landau Island (check it out on google images) - it is a beautiful, small, densely populated island. Seeing photos of that island really sparked this whole idea.
I also wanted to create a visually stunning world. There are a handful of really amazing custom worlds out there, but most of them are fairly blah in terms of terrain paint and foliage.
With that said, I spent a significant amount of time painting/sculpting/planting. I just wanted something that was absolutely beautiful, and very believable.

Anyway, I'll post more as the build progresses. This is roughly month 2 on this build, so I've got a ways to go
Take care, and thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Fun pics:

This island falls completely within a 64x64 lot - you can actually sculpt this island into your perfect dream home/resort!

This is the second largest island in the chain. It will have a mansion, and a large boat house with a yacht. Secret for the small community lot - stay tuned

Closer view of a cool private boat dock near some fancy houses.
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The world looks very magical and wonderful! Keep it up.
I love the way you used the terrain paint for the water and the islands' grounds.
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I agree, the water looks very beautiful I also like the combination of trees and all the terrain in general, nice job!
Could we see the lots more closely? Some look nice from the distance but look a bit unfinished too.
Good luck with this project!

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Titi022002 and Nilxis - Thank you both for taking the time to check out my post and comment!

I really appreciate the compliments on the terrain paint - several weeks went into just sculpting and painting this world - no joke..
Its actually still not 100% completed - I still have rocks and other misc terrain objects to add.

In terms of the architecture, it is unfinished.
I'm currently building "shells" (the rough "outline" of structures just to get an idea of their shape and presence).
Once I have the shells completed, I'm going to finalize the terrain objects/paint - and finally, finish all of the structures.

I've done several worlds in the past that just looked super mediocre... I'm really trying to take my time on this one, and come out with the finest product I possibly can - from the terrain paint, to the architecture, nothing will be overlooked.

Thanks again to everyone who has viewed this thread - stay tuned, as more pictures will be posted soon :p
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Hello! maybe too late to the party but can I ask what happened to this world? I´m really interested in this small island, hope it continued somewhere else, if anyone knows please tell me, thanks!
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