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I'm thinking of uploading this sim here. Any feedback?

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Originally Posted by littlejestersims
This here is Sia-Mae Keller, who is often inspired by Twiggy in her fashion choices. She wants to become a famous composer but right now she's working for the Secret Service. Gotta love The Sims, right? :D

Is she on the Gallery? She's beautiful!
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She is beautiful indeed!

I think you could give the nose a bit more definition. But... de gustibus!
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Default Cabrie Nadine Young-Macklin, the matriarch of my legacy family.
Cabrie came to town alone and found friends pretty quickly.[IMG][/IMG] She met Daniel while moonlighting as a bartender at the local watering hole. They hit it off, dated for a bit, moved in , married and then this[IMG][/IMG] She's an artist,[IMG][/IMG] an avid reader[IMG][/IMG] and growing as a cook in leaps and bounds. Her first priority is to her family (4 kids and one on the way) and her beloved Daniel. She's a stay at home Mom and collector but that may change in the future as the kids get older- and we get more expansion packs.
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This is Kate, from my favorite sim family.

And Clara, her mother:
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Just a random sim I made the other day. I thought she turned out quite elegant
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25th Oct 2014 at 2:18 PM
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She may be hard to see beneath her suit, but here's Ciem re-created for Sims 4:

This is the raw file from my game, just in case you want to see her before her half hour in Photoshop:

She'll be available on DzMD when I'm able to get the time to launch it, which should hopefully be before the end of next month. I might try to upload her here as well, but she'll be there for sure. The half hour needed to edit her consisted mostly of fixing the game's lighting problems, which even mods haven't fully fixed. That aside, it took maybe ten minutes tops to fix her mask - the part of her that needed the most work.

This means that, in an outdoor shot at the correct time of day in Sims 4, it takes about half as long total to edit a Sim's looks to Dozinematizerâ„¢ standards afterwards in Photoshop as the nearest Sims 2 equivalent. That, and the ease of Sims 4 Studio in the importing and exporting of DDS textures, makes creating the look in the first place almost as easy as was the case in Sims 2. Most of the artwork of Ciem uploaded to my DeviantArt consists of events in Candi's life outside of her duties in the suit. This is because I was never able to make a workable Ciem suit with all the parts imported into Sims 3, requiring up to 2 hours of Photoshop editing every single time she got in her costume inside SIms 3.

Inspired heavily by this design, I may attempt a Feruga suit down the road. If so, then definitely a Mukade suit; since hers is probably the easiest of all the centipede-themed gals (minus the sais.) My next major texture experiment, however, will be Emeraldon and Sapphire King costumes - followed by Taterbug and Earwig. Fortunately, Botan only needs his dreadlock hairstyle from Sims 3 and he'll be already perfect.

The real trick, however, will be Marion Wevenil and the Agents of SCALLOP. I haven't found a proper uniform template for them yet, especially not the women. But I'll keep trying.

You can find me on the Sims 4 Gallery as DozerfleetProd. If you have XBox One or PS4, please test out my creations, and let me know if / how well they work on consoles.
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28th Oct 2014 at 8:29 PM
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Kim Hepburn:

Ashley Larson:

Alison Taylor:

Ashanti Akuzawa:

Theodora Campbell:
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WIthout story progression I like to update the important families (Goth, Landgraab, Pancakes) when it seems appropriate. One of the first sims I created but have never played. I usually use her to marry Malcom Landgraab. Her name is Keri.

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I'm in a sharing mood today sooo... some pics of my current family. You have seen Grudge girl (Leilani) in other posts. Well, it turns out she is something of a musical prodigy. As a teen she already has all instruments mastered and has finished the Musical Genius aspiration. Here are some pics of her teaching her mom, Erin, how to play.

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One of my female sims, a brazilian girl called Julia!

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8th Nov 2014 at 8:55 PM
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This is my fav sim at the moment. She could definitly use a membership at the local gym, but I just love her the way she is. She has now fallen in love with this hunk who loves to work out, and it's more than enough with one athletic under one roof.

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Default Fernanda Vasconcellos
Hey guys, this is my new female sim, Fernanda!
Fernanda de Vasconcellos Galvez, commonly known as Fernanda Vasconcellos, is a Brazilian actress. She has played the lead role in four telenovelas.

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So: since all my sims seem to be all alike, I've tried to do what I wouldn't normally do, and this is the result.

I think I'll have to agree with what my philosophy teacher said about my drawings and stories "I portray what I define perfection". :c
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I made a group of sims based on Enid Blyton's St. Clare series, even including a one-shot villain who was never mentioned in the rest of the books. The thing about Blyton is that she is very vague about character's looks, so except for the Twins' freckles, Carlotta's swarthiness and Bobby's narrow eyes, their looks are based on my imagination.

Avatar model: Shi Gaik Lan / Atroxia "Jade Orchid" Lion (Source: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires).
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Erika ( under construction )

Try to Wish.
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I was getting bored of the sims I usually use as models for my creations so I made Leila


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