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SHORT skirt/sleeve into LONG skirt/sleeve ?
Teach me how to Modify shape of the cloth please !
I've found the great mesh and I'd like to modify it. I used this Kimono
I want to modify it into a shape like this
I've tried to edit mesh by myself. But I think it's wrong and it'll fail.

Yes, I'm just guessing... Actually, I don't know where the right tool to use. Please help !
P.s. You might confused while reading cuz I'm not good at English...Hope you'll understand
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Hi. My english is not good too, so here we go x)

You can't move the vertices just like that, is too much, because your clothing will be like "super square/straight", and your texture for this area will be all distorted and blurred. I don't use Blender, but there must be an option to create more vertices in this part, then you'll have more subdivisions, just like the top of the mesh. But I don't know how to help you with that, so I'll tell you what I usually do using Milkshape 3D. I don't know if this is the better way to do but as nobody replied yet, is better than nothing.

You can morph some meshes. For example, take this one you like and delete the very bottom vertices (so you don't get the legs middle part), then open a long dress (you can use that red long party dress, is base game) and delete the top part, but make sure your two parts are not so far away, just make them "joint". Then you have to merge your vertices, I always make this one by one. To do this, select the two vertices you want to merge, then go to Vertex Menu - go to a plugin named Sims 2 Unimesh Vertex Data Merge. After you finish this, select the line of ugly vertices and go to Vertex Menu - Allign Normals. Move and scale the vertices to adjust the shape you want.

You can do the same steps for morphing sleeves.

Remember to don't regroup your mesh yet (if you are morphing two meshes you should have 2 groups), keep them separately until you finish everything. Go to the Matterials Tab and put some texture to Assign, it can be the multiplier of the red dress for example. Where it says "default", change to "ignore alpha". Then go Window Menu - Texture Coordinator Editor, and adjust the coordinates for your texture area. :)
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Subdividing (by loop cutting ideally) the bottom of the mesh is fine if you intend to export it as an obj then import it in Milkshape afterwards to convert it to a geom, however if you do not have Milkshape and you want to only use Blender's geom plugin, it would not be a good idea since it would break the vertex order by adding new vertices.

In this case, it's better to move the bottom row of vertices down with proportional editing enabled to drag the closest vertices along with them. To enable it, just click on the icon with the grey circle at the bottom of the 3d view window. You can also change the distance at which the other vertices are affected during editing with the mouse's wheel. Afterwards, it may be necessary to adjust the uv map because the texture will be stretched and the rest of the vertices too with proportional editing disabled to keep good looking proportions (I recommend to import the adult female nude top and bottom as a reference).
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