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Default The Sims 4 - Wedding Pictures
We're missing a thread to post pictures of our Sim's weddings, so I'm making one.

Luke Rinde and Arya Spencer-Kim-Lewis
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Judy Caliente & Aidan Rinde

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Lovely pictures! <3
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Following their second child the two finally have gotten married. Pixie Lott and Malcom Landgraab

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My beloved Sim Pearl and her newlywed husband Nickolas just finished with their wedding ceremony! I had created this park around their wedding, and I figured they were deserving of a lovely little setting! A good crowd turned up as well, some invited and some not! I guess once cake is served, anyone figures they can squeeze their way in for a slice.

Figures that upon a day of such joy, a death would occur seconds before the two were planning to tie the knot... The musician I had hired for the ceremony suddenly collapsed, and that ended that... After a few hours of uncontrolled sobbing, the show went on as planned...

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Heres one of my favourites. They can't marry at the hermit's place any more but I am hoping this is still an option.

[IMG]Bobs Wedding[/IMG]

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Arielle and Jade's eldest daughter Jasmine got married today to a Windenburg townie - Joaquin Le Chien.

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Pelham and Dina's wedding.

And their daughter Anne's wedding to Renfield.

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Sims are still getting married, we just stopped posting about them. I love how easy City Living makes it to get married, with a dedicated wedding spot in the park and the chance for a spur-of-the moment wedding during the Romance Festival. Those last have often come along just as I was getting a couple ready for that next step. I love the simplicity of going to the festival - it's perfect! There's no planning, but still plenty of atmosphere.

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Vampire Sims Wedding
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It was a beautiful ceremony, I dressed their cat up with a cute little bowtie and everything. However, the bride was in her third trimester and went into labor during the cake cutting.

The poor bride
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Big fat gothic vampire wedding or something like that :D

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Rainy wedding

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Barefoot beach wedding

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Mercy & Caleb's private beach wedding

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Lexi and Keegan

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