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Default "<success_modifier>" tag: how it's supposed to work?
Greetings, companions of The Sims^^

I'm encountering a new problem in my mods (as usually). While developing my Succubus Occult state, I decided to copy the "<success_modifier>" tag of the Alluring trait and adapt it to my mod. This is the string of code implemented in the Succubus buff:

The problem is that the game ignores the "success_modifier" set to 400 (that value it's intended. I want that only Sims with a special trait or skill are able to resist to the flatteries of a Succubus) and uses its default tests, therefore making interactions fail if there's not enough romantic interest or the target is in a bad mood, thus turning my Succubus into just a greater horny Sim. So, how does that tag should work? There's a limit to its value? Or do I have to implement some other tests to make those affordances not fail?
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According to a post from SimGuruEugi on the EA forums, the success modifier is only applied to interactions that have a dual outcome where they either work or don't work. For interactions that have test-based outcomes the success modifier is ignored.
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I solved by adding a 400 score linked to my trait inside the socialscores_romance file. Thank you for your answer, scumbumbo^^
(Also, I've sent you a PM some days ago, don't know if you ever received it...)
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