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Default Custom poses and unexpected results
Hi everyone,

I made two poses today : they look good in Blender (at least in my opinion), but whenever I try them in game, something strange happens as you can see from the attached pictures. I've been making poses for a while and it never happened to me before. I tried to reapply the keyframe - with LocRot - a few times, and tried the pose in game each time : the same problem occurs. I even tried loading the pose onto a different rig (I used an IK rig that I found on Loverslab to make these poses -- it's a lot quicker -- and when I imported them to a "classic" rig everything was working perfectly).

Has anyone ever seen this? I'm slightly confused . I don't know what I am doing wrong for it to appear this way in my game.
(I heard that @spladoum might be able to help?)

PS : Please ignore the head thing I mentionned on one of the pictures, my sim was just glitching. I simply had to cancel the action and reapply it for her head to face forward.
At least it's not a complete lost cause, since I was able to make this (thanks photoshop)

Unfortunately I can't show the whole thing because of that strange glitch...
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Hmm... I know sometimes Blender poses aren't exactly the same like in game (Say you have a hand that has these bending fingers, they will appear a bit stiff in game) But that's almost not noticeable. But this is pretty... well not that issue XD

Anyway, sometimes it's better to start with a fresh clip file when exporting. Second, you could try 'LocRotScale'. I usually use that one if your sim has anything stretched. (Like making a sim taller by stretching the legs)

Have you tried reimporting the clip and see if it's the clip that's not correctly saved? (like exit Blender, reopen it and import the clip in the rig). Or on these rigs:
although I don't think there is anything wrong with the Loverslab rigs, but it's worth a shot
(In case the links aren't still fixed:
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Hi, thank you for answering!

LocRotScale is usually what I use, and the one I applied when exporting the animations the first time. When it didn't work I tried both LocRot, and Location then Rotation, but nothing changed.
I tried reimporting the clip, closing and starting up Blender again (I usually try not to run Blender and the Sims at the same time, it makes my PC sound like an aircraft engine). I made sure to test in game every modification I made, but I couldn't get rid of the glitch...

The rigs you mentioned are the one I use most of the times (except this one time because I really wanted to try the one from Loverslab), I tried importing the clip on these and everything worked fine. I even reapplied the keyframe, exported the clip, did the S3PE thing and tried the poses in my game again : didn't work. Same problem.

I also tried moving the feet around a bit, just to make sure their location is somewhere under the legs, but nothing changed in game.

I work with the latest version of Blender (v2.77a), it's the first time I'm making poses with that version, I hope it doesn't conflict with the export addon or anything...
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Issue with using latest Blender versions is, Blender changes through updates. Even within it. So I guess the plugins for 2.77 got sort of 'corrupted' by the latest version. For meshing stuff it's completely fine! What if you try exporting the files from Blender 2.67b ( It's worth a shot! It's been doing weird things to mine poses as well when I made poses within 2.7+
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So, I redownloaded Blender 2.67b as you said. When I tried to import/export the clip, it still didn't work. But then I made a couple of new poses on that same version, and when I tried them in game they worked perfectly (I made them with the loverslab rig as well so it's definitely not the problem). I don't really know the details but the fact that I made the first two poses using 2.77b seems to be the problem.

Anyway, I guess I'll just keep 2.67b and if I really want to use the poses from my first post, I'll just remake them.

Thanks a lot for your help ! I guess my problem is solved
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