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Default How can I mesh from a reference picture?
As the title says: how can I make mesh parts from a reference picture?
My plan is to make (all) VOCALOID-characters in the Sims 3 by myself(hairs, clothes, accessories etc.)
But I can´t figure out how to use a meshing tecnique that suits Sims 3 bodies.
The most VOCALOID-characters is manga style and their proportions is not the same as The Sims 3 Bodies, If you know what I mean!
The VOCALOID-character heads (for example) is bigger in proportions than Sims 3 heads.
And the bodies is in general smaller than a Sims 3 Body.
Are there any good tutorials for how to make mesh parts to an already made 3D model?
An option is to convert mmd models to Sims 3, but then I have to credit and ask for permission to convert the models!
(And many persons that make mmd models is asian, and may not speak english.)
(Reference picture below)
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This isn't a lot of help with your main question, but you can get the custom height sliders to make a slightly shorter sim. And I'm pretty sure you can get a slider to enlarge the heads. After that, it would be a matter of building the clothing.

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Sadly, you can't use an image to turn it into a mesh directly. Images are... well more like references to look at. Kinda like drawing something on a piece that you're seeing on your screen. You can't put the paper right on your screen and draw any of the lines because they will turn all wonky and ugly.
Same with meshing. You want to start with a base. With the sims, the easiest way (if you're not familiar with meshing at all) is to start with a base that slightly looks like what you wanna mesh. From there you want to tweak it till it looks something like the reference picture.

Hope this helps! :D
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