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Any one peep this news?


Sources tell TMT Finance that Tencent is raising billions to buy out a new game company. Insiders believe Tencent could force a hostile takeover of Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two Interactive, or possibly make a deal to buy out EA
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Originally Posted by Mspigglypooh

Oh NO. This is actually BAD news. Tencent are suspicious at the least and shadily corrupt at the most. They shoe-horn a lot of bad business practices into their 'games', forcing free-to-play down your throat then swamping their platforms with micro-transactions. Bad news. Let's not forget their connection to TikTok and spyware to boot.

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Originally Posted by Mspigglypooh

@Mspigglypooh  The following 'commentary' is by no means directed at you.  What I do have to say is about the article itself.

The news is there isn't any news.  There has been endless gossip about Tencent and what they are going to do since 2015 and probably earlier than that if I really looked.  Then there is the second problem with said article. Any article that starts with mysterious sources telling another so-called source something shouldn't be read any further than that. It is garbage journalism. To add further insult to injury, in order to actually read what "TMT Finance" said, a person has to subscribe. The homepage for this TMT Finance company reads like something a person would see on a late night infomercial.  Yeah, no.  I'm not subbing or paying money to that.

Insiders believe Tencent could force a hostile takeover of Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two Interactive, or possibly make a deal to buy out EA.

A hostile takeover of EA or Take-Two? Even if such thing were to happen, why would it be hostile? The gaming industry along with Hollywood and many other groups have been kissing China's ass for years. There would be no reason for any form of hostility.  Furthermore, what makes these mysterious people think the Federal Trade Commission and the US Securities and Exchange Commission would allow this hostile takeover happen in the first place?  Both companies are publicly traded. If something like this was attempted, all stock trading / funds would be locked down immediately. Nobody from China can show up at either business and declare one or both companies their own. 

Who are these mysterious insiders?  If top brass farts at either company, there is news about it.  If hostile people from China were coming for one or both companies, there would be talk about it from bigger, more important places than from this website that I've never heard of along with a author who I've also never heard of. In reading his bio, he sounds like somebody that is hanging out in his parents basement while trying to make something of himself.  He claims to have 6 years of journalism under his belt, but yet he hasn't figured out that the mysterious source thing is bullshit, mmkay.

If EA and or Take-Two are going to hang "For Sale" signs on their doors, people are going to know about it long before said sale happens.  Selling and buying such companies is not like walking into Walmart to buy a gallon of milk. The process can take months, sometimes over a year due to the fact that they are publicly traded. 
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Default The Sims 5 will be ONLINE?! (It's Official)
I don't want to play with others!! I won't! I Won't!! I WON'T
It's no one's business how I play my game. This is MY fantasy! I don't want to share it.
I don't care for roving bands of people playing vampires coming by and sucking my sim into a coma every 15 minutes.
Most online games outlaw mods. Lets face it, without mods this game is boring.
It sounds like they're targeting a first person shooter when they talk of online and "competitive". How to you make a "competitive" and co-operative game out of a human life simulation game?
Fun Fact: People cheat.
Fire the CEO of EA! Once again, EA is going down the wrong path because they don't understand their own games and their own customers. Lilsimsie for CEO of EA!

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I guess TS4 news must be slow, clickbait is currently all the rage.

A article of Android Wilson babbling during a fiscal conference with stockholders doesn't confirm anything.  This is equal to water is wet.  Until there is a actual confirmation and proof of anything, people are free to cling to the ceiling if they wish, but seriously.  

Does the sea part when Lilsimsie and or whats his face from Sims Community speaks? Can they walk on water?  I would actually watch YouTube to see those tricks.
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Pro-tip: Good news rarely comes out of EA, but their stupid ideas, thinking they can have both high sales like Sims 4 and still turn it into an online Money-grab where you "pay for play" on their crappy servers, are almost always sad facts.

Sims are better than us.
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Originally Posted by Emmett Brown

That's a year old.

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