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Default My favorite images
I like to share things and one of them are the images :D

image 1:

this sim is made to be fashion influencer n-n

image 2: xD

Image 3:

Image 4: creepy...(with cc the decayclown)

Image 5: my cute toddler preview

with cc the Hayny:

my sim Amapola

4th Dec 2018 at 5:35 PM
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thanks, the recolor is from sims 4 get famous jacket made by juliej

here more: the sim with AAstyle

toddler with cc of idol-sims

new sims:

(with outfit dva palanquin)

original dress lace loli dress:

Recolor dress..oh my god!(parapluies)

White top:

My new sim:
eyes by sakuraphan
lipstick by sintiklia
hair by delcowebney
top by missfortune havanna collection
bag by stalord

I did not do this sim did the game but I found it funny to share it xD


conversion by dreacia

my sweet minako aino from a long time ago I am trying to make it similar

eyes: noddlecc

this is the sim that I use in a tumblr tag, she is my favorite sim after poppy
she is a total diva but she has a good heart Anais and she has a serious brother who has a cat, in turn she has a dog
It has its own brand of blue, turquoise and green lipsticks (?)
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