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Default Corner Cabinets Texture Problem
I'm trying to make a default replacement of the base game Real Flat Cabinets to add a 3rd recolorable channel - originally they have 2. What I intended was to separate the trim that goes around them and the handles and was successful for the most part - the regular ones that is. Tested in game and it works, except for the corner pieces. They're made weirdly to begin with - their default textures (multiplier and mask) use the same ones from the regular pieces even tho neither of them matches the mesh uv map.

That produces some weird results when you recolor them even in their original state. In an unmoded, as-is game to get them to recolor properly they immediately take the patterns from the cabinet they're attached to and you can later change those, but if you select one of the 3 premade presets they glitch out and change their multiplier and mask to the non-corner ones.

The actual correct multi and mask show up only in the material editor of the mesh (in TSRW). Even weirder they don't show up in the cloned packages from S3OC at all when you open them in s3pe, which is why I overlooked them to begin with. I exported both the individual packages and the "suite" ones but no dice. Later I managed to find the right _imgs in the DeltaBuild and exported, fixed and imported them in the package but it still didn't work I've tried every different way of doing this that I can think of and none of them worked right. I'm all out of ideas and appreciate any tips
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