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Default How to find the polygon counts for LOD0 and LOD1.
Hi, relatively new modder here.

My submission of a wrist CAS accessory has almost been accepted, but I've been asked to state the "polygon counts for LOD0 and LOD1 for new meshes".
On Milkshape when I click "Show Model Statistics" it gives me this information:

Vertices: 503 Mins: 0.35 0.97 -0.23
Triangles: 491 Maxs: 0.79 1.42 0.04
Groups: 1 Center: 0.57 1.19 -0.10
Materials: 0 Dims: 0.44 0.45 0.26
Joints: 0
Smoothing groups: 1

But to be honest I have do idea how to find the LOD stats for my mesh, or even what an LOD is.
Can somebody help me with this please?

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Hi there,
I hope if you've not worked it out already you still have time to make the changes for it to be accepted
From my understanding, lod0 and lod1 are the different versions of the object at different "Levels Of Detail". So when you zoom in on the accessory and it's at the highest detail version of itself (with the highest polycount) it will be Lod0.
So the lod1 must be the lower lod.

I don't know anything about creating accessories but I'm guessing at some point in the process you had to add in two versions of the mesh, one for the low lod and one for the high lod? You will need to check each one for the polycount (they might be the same). Like you found, the triangles in the model statistics is the polycount.
Here's more info :
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