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Default How to make a Dog?
Hi everyone,

I make worlds and objects for the Sims 3.
I use MilkShape, Blender, TSRW, and a host of programs for this purpose.

I recently felt the urge to try something I've never done before - make a DOG.
So, I went into TSRW and had a heck of a time finding the only MESHes for this object in the adult dog section:
ad body (mesh groups 0-4), ad tail (1 mesh group), and ad ears (1 mesh group)
Although remaking the mesh for the tail posed no problems and show great in-game, the body and ears do no show at all except in the catalog. It shows correctly in the Thumbnail but doesn't show any change when selected.

Does someone have a link to a good tutorial for the creation of animals (dog) in TSRW? Hopefully, from mesh to DEFUSE MAP, assembly instructions.
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