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Default Misshapen maternity morph on EA clothing?
Hey Normally when I make morphs for clothing I just generated them all from scratch using custom reference meshes with better bellies than the EA ones, but this time I was trying to add a maternity morph to an EA top, and make it a default replacement, when I noticed this issue (see attached image).

I made sure to use the basegame relaxed sports pants as a reference for the two rows of vertices at the bottom, so they're in the exact position as EA's.
The belly doesn't show any seams or UV map issues, so I assume this was done correctly.

I'd like to correct it but unfortunately those wonky vertices are right at the top/bottom seam, so it'd mean altering the maternity morph for the bottoms as well.
My question is: did I do something wrong or is this normal? That skirt in the preview is from Generations, I think, so I guess that means all of EA's maternity morphs are like this :\

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